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Should You Buy a Pellet Smoker vs. Gas Grill?

Pellet smoker vs gas grill

Winters are here. And you know what that means. Pack everything up and stuff it inside the house including your car, the pets, and the humans. But one thing just won’t be packed away: our precious grill. I mean, grilling is meant for the summer. But who cares, right? When it comes to grilling, there are two main ways to grill. You can do so either by using wood pellets or by using a propane fuel tank. Here, we have compared pellet smokers and gas grills. And we’ve differentiated them with respect to their efficiency, taste, uniqueness, durability, and ease of use.

Difference: pellet smoker vs. gas grill

First of all, you need to know the difference in this pellet smoker vs. gas grill comparison. To begin with, pellet smokers are grills that use wood pellets as fuel. These are actually very useful since any type of wood can be used.

Pellet smoker vs gas grill

Maple and alder are the best for pork and meat. Pellet fuel is manufactured from compressed sawdust. It’s a pretty neat way to recycle and reuse industrial and agricultural waste. Because of that, they can even cost a lot less than their gas-powered cousins.

As opposed to that, gas grills use propane fuel tanks to heat up the food. Since they use propane, they are cheaper than other gas cooking equipments. However, buying a tank can be very frustrating and costly, and you’ll even right of gas soon.

However, they give the food texture and heat similar to a gas stove. So you’ll feel right at home. Gas grills are lesser portable and require to be plugged up to a gas tank all the time. Generally, we would recommend these as they are more effective than electrical grills. But as compared to pellet grills, their texture and taste are way better.

Pellet smoker vs. gas grill: The difference in fuel

When it comes to pellet smoker vs. gas grill, we just can’t forget that some fuels are superior to others. Most people forget that the ease of use is just as important as the texture of the food.

Wooden pellets are cheaper and easier to find and even make. These pellets are made from waste sawdust that industries exhume from their factories. The right wooden pellet differs from use, texture, and versatility.

They even add a slightly flavored smoke to the food. So say, for example, you want to get a fruity flavor. Then use pellets made from fruit trees, such as apple and cherry. Want to cook pork and steaks? Maple is what you’re looking for. The diversity is endless, and they only cost a few dollars.

Pellet smoker vs gas grill

On the other hand, gas fuel cooks the food just like any regular stove. This takes away versatility and removes creativity from the final product. In general, the gas works great with every type of food. So you won’t be worried about finding the right pellet.

But this will remove a lot of the taste that only specific pellets can give. Gas fuels are better in that they don’t run out too fast. And a propane tank won’t need to be refilled every now and then. So if you want to focus more on cooking rather than what you’re cooking with, then gas fuels are best for you.

Which pellets are best for you?

The point to remember in this pellet smoker vs. gas grill comparison is that pellet smoker provides you with a lot of space for creativity. The right type of pellet could change your cooking game forever. If you want a slightly fruity smoke on your pies, then use fruit based pellets. Good candidates include apple, cherry, maple, and guava.

If you want to cook meats like steak and cutlets, then go for alder, maple, and mesquite. For fish and seafood, oak is the best choice. For a heavier and more robust flavor, hickory, oak, and pecan are a great choice. There are numerous other pellets to choose from but don’t let the wrong pellet ruin your meal.

Pellet Smoker vs. Gas Grill: The difference in price

The price is perhaps one of the things that we like to compromise on the least. Price can turn the tables. How many times have you thought you found the perfect product, only to look at the price tag and walk away? It’s happened to the best of us. So before you decide on the perfect type of grill for you, we felt informing you about the price were better.

If you want a decent pellet smoker, then you can find here the one fits you. Kits could contain accessories like gloves, lids, and hot boxes. As for the pellets themselves, one pack can contain as much as 54 pieces. The price depends on how many there are and what they’re made of.

A gas grill costs about the same as a pellet smoker. Most of the great gas grills can be found here.

A decent 20-pound gas tank for grilling can cost as much as $30. The price depends on how much the capacity is, but 20 pounds is best for grilling. Furthermore, if you run out of gas, then you’ll have to refill. A refill can cost just as much as a full tank.

Pellet smoker vs gas grill

Which is best for me?

There are multiple reasons why you would choose a pellet smoker or a gas grill. In general, pellet smokers are best for people who:

  • Want to spend lesser money on fuel.
  • Don’t want to pay $20 just for a refill.
  • Like diversity, versatility, and creativity.
  • Want flavored smoke.

A gas grill is for you if you:

  • Want a faster and more flavored roast.
  • Do not want to have to refill too often.
  • Don’t like a lot of smoke.
  • Want a traditional stove-like taste.

Make sure not to burn yourself an also monitor your children when they are nearby. Don’t try and fix a broken infrared grill or microwave on your own. Some of the internal parts can cause electric shock even if you have unplugged the appliance.


So since summers are over, going outside in the cold for a tailgate party will definitely be harder. But look on the bright side. All your friends and family will be gathered. And that’s when you can know whether you’ve made the right decision or not. We would recommend using wood pellets instead of gas grills. They make cooking easier and lesser complicated.

However, we urge you to try both and see which suits your cooking style. Both are equally as effective and have their ups and downs. So the answer to pellet smoker vs. gas grill really lies in how you use it.

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