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Best BBQ Cookbooks in 2022

Best bbq cookbook

Who doesn’t love barbecue? It is absolutely mouth-watering just to name it. But, there is a big problem too. There are just a few people who know how to have a perfect barbecue. Otherwise, most of the people put enormous efforts, but they always get some flaws in their barbecue.

Now, it could be about the meat texture, cooking point, or even in the taste. Are you willing to learn barbecue from experts? Why not buy their books on a barbecue guide?

In this article, we are going to highlight a few of the best BBQ cookbooks. A brief review along with a comparison table would also be provided. It will help in evaluating the best option conveniently.

So, keep reading, and let the fun begin…

What are the benefits of BBQ meals?

As here we are discussing BBQ, why not discuss some benefits of BBQ. It will even compel you to start BBQ today as you will learn the procedure by reading these books.

The top-most benefit of BBQ is you consume less fat. As you make the meal, excessive fat drips off. In the end, the food you eat has lower fat as compared to meals cooked in other ways.

If you BBQ a slice of meat, you would need less oil/butter. It means, your meal will have lower calories or unhealthy ingredients.

This is the reason why many people on diet prefer grilled meat. However, you need to be an expert in order to gain that perfect juicy texture of the meat.

The Top 5 Best BBQ Cookbooks in 2022

Grill CookbookLanguageHardcoverPrice
A Meat-Smoking ManifestoEnglish224 page Check Price
Operation BBQEnglish352 pages Check Price
Whole Hog BBQEnglish208 pages Check Price
Simple BBQ CookbookEnglish35 pages Check Price
BBQ&A with Myron MixonEnglish240 pages Check Price
  • Do you want to know BBQ secrets overnight? Yes! This Franklin Barbecue book is a must-buy for you. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, it is one of the best BBQ cookbooks written by the pitmaster.
  • As its name suggests the author of this book is Aaron Franklin. The coauthor is Jordan Mackay. Can you believe someone can literally present you their intense hard work on a plate? Well, the owner of madly famous Austin restaurant Franklin Barbecue has done that for you. This book comprises of 224 pages.
  • In this book, the authors haven’t only mentioned a few of the top recipes. Rather, they have provided a complete education on meat and brisket cooking. So, you can expect amazingly knowledgeable chapters in this book. The authors have dedicated a separate chapter to build and customize your very own smoker.
  • This book also educates about searching and curing the right type of wood. You will learn about tending and creating flawless fires.
  • Well, it just doesn’t stop here. The authors of this book are generous enough to pour all important information in your mind. So, you will also learn about sourcing good-quality meat.
  • Last but not least… It will teach you how to make outstanding barbecues.
  • It wouldn’t be wrong to say, this book can improve your barbecue skills overnight. When you read it, it’s just not the collection of words. Rather, someone’s continuous efforts and day-night hard work speak in this book.
  • Here’s one thing important to mention, Franklin has won numerous awards. It includes the “Best Barbecue in Texas” award by Texas Monthly, and “Best Barbecue in America” award by Bon Appétit. He has also hosted PBS series BBQ with Franklin.

BBQ Cookbook #2:

  • Operation BBQ is undoubtedly one of the best BBQ cookbooks contains 200 recipes. The author of this book is Stan Hays. He is a co-founder and CEO of Operation BBQ Relief. The author has taken part in 35 sanctioned barbecue contests.
  • He has also won two grand champion awards along with four reserve champions, and various top-ten finishes. His Operation BBQ Relief has served above 1.78 million meals in 25 states.
  • What’s more? These recipes are not coming from ordinary chefs. Rather, the championship-winning team has compiled these lip-smacking recipes for you.
  • This book possesses the prize-winning recipes provided by the team of 70 above grand and world champion pitmasters. Moreover, it contains their stories to add more fun to your learning process.
  • The good thing about these recipes is, you can try them at your home. They are simple and don’t ask for any expertise.
  • So, just grab this book, read it, and start a barbecue in the backyard today. This book will show how to make baby back ribs, Chicken Satay Skewers with Sweet and Spicy Peanut Sauce.
  • It will also teach you to make casseroles, stews, other side dishes, and even desserts you can cook on the grill. These are just a few examples. This book definitely contains a lot of other delicious recipes.

BBQ Cookbook #3:

  • Old is gold. Though the saying is old, it is still applicable in different scenarios. This is one of the best BBQ cookbooks that envelops the secrets of iconic barbecue traditions.
  • In this book, the authors have provided about two dozens of barbecue recipes. Well, that’s not all.
  • The author belongs to a family that has been running barbecue business since 1947. They are running a top-notch restaurant with the name of Sam Jones BBQ. However, the authors’ grandparent was the founder of Skylight Inn back in 1947.
  • So, we can see around 20 secret recipes of both these restaurants. Isn’t it a big benefit?
  • In this book, the authors have written about the history of the legendary Skylight Inn. They have also provided detailed instructions on making a whole hog in a home.
  • They even described how to construct a pit along with the guideline to build a burn barrel.
  • Besides, there are several recipes. It includes instructions for making coleslaw, cornbread, spare ribs, smoked turkey. You will also get to read about the recipe of country-style steak, biscuit pudding, and the signature burger.
  • Wouldn’t it be super amazing to know the secret of a top-restaurant signature recipe? Well, the authors Sam Jones and Daniel Vaughn are willingly doing this for their customers.
  • Are you scared of trying experts’ recipes? Here’s something for beginners. This is one of the best BBQ cookbooks and is very simple and easy. This book comprises of 20 different recipes. Some of these recipes are traditional.
  • However, the author has transformed the ingredients to bring a new touch. Thus, despite being a beginner, you can make innovative meals using this book.
  • The recipes from this refreshing cuisine will make you an expert within no time. A few of the recipes of this book include making BBQ potato chips, bbq bourbon bacon burger, and pork ribs.
  • However, it will also teach you to cook bbq beans, bbq halibut, and bbq white fish. The author of this book is Sarah Clark. This short book contains 35 pages only.
  • You can give it a quick read even in your tight schedule. So, if you are a BBQ lover, but don’t have enough time to try expert dishes, this book will offer you a quick and simple solution to make flawless barbecue meals.

BBQ Cookbook #5:

  • What is the hardest part you feel about barbecue? It could be many details that you need to take care of while preparing meals.
  • Well, if that is the case with you, don’t worry. Myron Mixon has resolved your worries in his BBQ&A book. As the author of this book is a TV personality, he knows people’s issues about BBQ when they ask him in the live shows.
  • So, he provided answers to all these queries in his book BBQ&A. Thus, you would be able to read about making amazing BBQ without even grill, pit, or a smoker.
  • He has even told about other crucial things. It includes details about brisket and conditions when it needs trimming with the method. He even guided about when you need to use a rub or marinade.
  • Similarly, the writer has tried answering as many questions as he could in his book. In order to make things easier for readers, he has provided practical visuals. He has also provided various techniques, flavors, scrumptious recipes, and successful formulas.
  • All this valuable information is gathered in this one of the best BBQ cookbooks. The author of this book is Myron Mixon. He has won numerous awards for his expertise on a barbecue.


BBQs are not only delicious but bring the fun with it. However, you need to possess some skills in order to cook a perfect meal. Luckily, it isn’t very difficult to learn BBQ skills now. We have some expert authors who have written masterpieces on the guideline of BBQ.

The best BBQ cookbooks that we reviewed are written by BBQ champions. They all provide valuable information.

However, we will choose the Franklin Barbecue as a winner of the contest here. There are various reasons behind. This book not only teaches delicious recipes but also gives complete education on BBQ. It tells how you can source good meat, how to set a proper fire. You can even learn to cook a meal at just the right texture.

And what will be the best BBQ cookbook in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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