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Choosing the Best Electric Grill for a Boat in Present-day

Best electric grill for boat, yacht

When you’re having a great day out on the water, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as popping open a beer or two and then stopping to enjoy the scenery while you throw some food on the grill. Whether you’re looking for the best electric grill for a yacht or a skipper, there should be enough room for you to make a decent meal for at least two. Not all grills are meant to be out on the water, and some are more appropriate and functional than others.

Let’s face it: food, especially cuts of meat like steak or chicken, always taste better when they come from a grill, but when you’re on a boat in the middle of the ocean, safety needs to be first and foremost when you’re choosing a grill. Sure, nobody wants to burn the meat, but if you start a small fire or accidentally burn yourself, help may take a while to arrive. Don’t take chances on any open flames when you’re out sailing. You don’t want to damage yourself or the boat.

Electric grill for boat available today

The grill you choose will probably be based on your budget and how much grilling you expect to be doing. Of course, if you’ve got limited space on your boat, you need to factor that in as well. The power on a boat is almost always electrical, fueled by gas, so just make sure you’re always fueled up and, of course, on long trips, you’ve added a few fueling stations to your travel plans.

Here are some of the best electric grills for your sailboat or yacht. Each has a few unique features, so make sure you read through the descriptions entirely. A grill for a boat is an exciting and important investment, so you don’t want to choose one that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Some boats will come with a built-in marine BBQ grill, but if your boat did not, then it’s time to invest in a grill that can give you many satisfying years of great meals while you’re enjoying the sun and fun out on the water.

Here are Five Great Electric Grilling Models to Consider:

  • This is a gorgeous Kenyon boat electric grill that can truly handle a large capacity of dinners, and is suitable for those of us who enjoy having parties. This grill is meant to be on a tabletop or counter, and while it doesn’t product a large volume of smoke, there should be an overhead fan available, especially if you’re also going to have somebody boiling other food items on a burner. This grill can get incredibly hot – up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, the perfect temperature for searing up steak – in just 10 minutes, which means that you absolutely must be aware of your surroundings and use it only in a place that’s fireproof and can handle that type of heat, not a wood tabletop.
  • All of the grilling plates are dishwasher safe, and the disposable drip trays allow you to baste food with delicious drippings. It weighs about 38 pounds, and although it is considered portable, if you spend a lot of time boating you’ll never want to remove it from your kitchen space. This tends to be one of the pricier models, but there’s reason; it will last you many, many years and product restaurant-quality food.
  • This lightweight boat electric grill (15 pounds) is suitable for anyone who loves to spend time out on the water and wants a grilled meal with little fuss. This grill has 162 inches of grilling surface, which means that you can cook up about 4-g cuts of meat at a time with hardly any effort. Although some people complain that it takes a bit longer to heat up than its non-marine counterparts, at the same time, this gorgeous model leaves you with little issues when it’s time to clean up. It is heat resistant and should be able to be used in all weather – unless you’re in a bad storm. A built-in thermostat allows for temperature controlled cooking, and this model comes with a carrying case as well. This model will inspire any chef with dinner on a boat ideas, and you should make sure whoever is cooking is aware of all of the capabilities.

Boat Electric Grill #3:

  • This boat electric grilling model was built especially with barbeque in mind, which means that it can heat up to 725 degrees Fahrenheit and still stay cool to the touch when you open the lid. Foldaway legs and a removable grease tray make this a great portable grill that’s suitable for a boat but also any tailgate party that you’re thinking of joining. The model has a casing that’s meant to stay shiny for a long time, making it a handsome and impressive addition to any boat party.

Boat Electric Grill #4:

  • This Weber electric grill will give you a lot of use, especially if you’re looking to own one of the best portable grills for boats. Although it takes a bit of time to heat up enough to sear your steaks or fish, many people swear by this grill because it outperforms much of the competition when it comes to flavor and cooking time. It can really give an authentic barbeque taste when you’re patient enough to cook your dinner to perfection. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. If you’re looking for a grill with consistent cooking times and temperatures, and you want a restaurant-quality dinner every time, Weber will not disappoint you. If you want a quick burger, however, you may want to skip to the next review.
  • George Foreman’s grills rarely disappoint, but they’re meant for quick, classic grill meals instead of searing and barbequing. This model is a great one for a small group of people, and to switch things up while you’re boating. One of the easiest picnic ideas for boating is you can also always uses it to melt a few thick sandwiches together. The non-stick coating is always easy to clean and fat melts off all of your meat cuts to give you a healthier meal. This is a great little electric grill for anyone who is more interested in eating and getting back to their adventure, rather than serving a four-source meal on the yacht. A Foreman grill can also give you a lot of dinner on a boat ideas, and there are often a few recipe ideas right in the user manual.

Summing it Up:

Choosing the right grill for your boat should be a bit easier now that we’ve explored a few options. Make sure that you know how long your trips will typically take before you choose a model. Boating is a lot of fun, but it’s easy to underestimate how much food you will need on a long-term trip. Learn your boat’s capabilities and then get a great grill to explore your cooking finesse – it’s worth it!

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