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Gracelove Electric Griddle Nonstick 2000 Watts 35 X 9 Electric Teppanyaki

Gracelove Electric Griddle Nonstick 2000 Watts 35 X 9 Electric Teppanyaki

This product is a great griddle you can decide which of your favorite food would you like to cook on it like; steaks, potatoes, cheese, cheese sandwiches, bacon and you can even place your saucepan right on the top. If you are looking for an outdoor griddle, then you are on the right track. Gracelove non-stick electric griddle is great for making waffles, eggs, bacon, and veggies all for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is fabulous and easy to use as it does everything a stove or an oven does. It has an extra big surface which can gracefully accommodate your food.

This item comes with a flat non-stick surface. The griddle is an amazing setup and a great product for outdoor settings. Most families or people who may want to go camping or picnic would love this grill because of its simple and unique design.

Specifications of Gracelove Electric Griddle

This griddle is indeed a 24/7 griddle with its large cooking surface suitable to serve a large family setting. You can easily set it up and use it within minutes. It is easily done without the need of consulting the manufacturer or technicians. Other specs are;

Product nameGracelove Electric Griddle Nonstick 2000 Watts 35”×9” Electric Teppanyaki
Product dimensions11.5×26.2×2.5 inch
Cooking surface size35 ×9 inch
Cooking functionGriddle
Maximum surface temperature200F

Why every family needs to buy Gracelove Electric Non-stick Griddle

This product is a must one that a family needs to get to assist in cooking and make food much faster. It is the perfect appliance for your kitchen to be top notch. This unique griddle with its simple design has a multipurpose performance which will help you cook healthy and delicious meals.

Its non-stick surface is another amazing reason why this product should be purchased. It has the ability to slide off food easily. It is providing nonstick performance for stick-free cooking and easier cleaning. It also has a drip/grease pan that helps accommodate greasy foods. If you are planning on going on a camping trip or picnic or a get-together, then you can easily take along with you this griddle although it is not foldable it has the ability to cook a lot at a time and at a faster pace.

It has a control master heat control. i.e, it has embedded heating elements that create an evenly heated cooking surface causing your food to come out evenly cooked and tasty as well.

Check out this video about the electric griddle

Gracelove Electric Griddle Nonstick 2000 Watts 35 X 9 Electric Teppanyaki



  • Has a large cooking surface that accommodates multiple servings
  • It helps save time by cooking different foods.
  • It evenly distributes heat while cooking.


  • It’s not foldable.
  • Its plastic on the little legs falls off sometimes and causes wobbling.


Gracelove electric griddle is also easy and simple to clean with its non-stick flat griddle. It has a removable drip pan that is also dishwasher safe. The griddle is also super nice with its cool-touch handles. For cooks, and family campers who are searching for griddles to help assist in cooking and are also looking for a simple one to carry about on trips, Gracelove electric griddle with its non-stick coating surface, is the perfect appliance suitable for them.

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