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Grindmaster-Cecilware EL1636 Stainless Steel Electric Griddles, 36-inch

Grindmaster-Cecilware EL1636 Stainless Steel Electric Griddles, 36-Inch

Looking towards grilling or barbecuing indoors and outdoors? Grindmaster electric griddle is sure the smart, and new way to take grilling to a whole new level. With its creativity and simple design, this griddle has successfully eradicated the traditional cooking method which brings stress and discomfort but the Grindmaster electric griddle provides users comfortability and aims to reform how kitchen activities should be done.

The product is a perfect fit for most cooks who handle bigger foods in restaurants. The griddle is long and wide enough to accommodate any kind of food you want to cook. In bigger kitchens and restaurants and perhaps an outdoor event, the perfect appliance for your grill is the Grindmaster electric griddle.

Specifications of Grindmaster-Cecilware EL1636 Stainless Steel Electric Griddles, 36-inch

The specs of this smokeless grill will leave you amazed. It has a high-tech specification and beautiful features that give your food a nice grill.

Product nameGrindmaster-Cecilware EL1636 Stainless Steel Electric Griddles, 36-inch
Reference numberEL1636
Cooking surface size35 ×9 inch
Product typeElectrical
Product useGriddle

Why every kitchen owner should own Grindmaster-Cecilware EL1636 Stainless Steel Electric Griddles

This smart appliance should be considered by every kitchen owner and homemaker because of its speed and its ability to cook evenly and retain heat. You should consider this griddle first because of its stainless-steel construction. It has been widely said that an appliance made with stainless steel lasts long. This griddle is made from stainless steel which certainly stamps long-lasting durability.

A homemaker should also get this griddle because of its stand-able legs. It is great to buy a product that is complete and easy to use. It has 6 small legs that completely stands on its own without wobbling. Its legs are also made of stainless steel giving it a sign of durability. It also has an easy-friendly heat turner where you can easily or decrease heat that spreads evenly on the griddle.

The Grindmaster Stainless steel electric griddle is really reliable product that has two heating elements plus a line cord. It also comes with a NEMA plug 6-20P plug. The thickness of the plate is about ½ inch. It has a steel cooking surface construction, so it is highly safe and healthy to cook your foods on it.



  • The electric griddle is the best for every homeowner and people who may want to enjoy cooking indoors.
  • The Grindmaster electric griddle is one of the best griddles that one can use in an economical setting
  • The griddle is also the perfect partner for cooks, chefs, and even homemakers.
  • It is also perfect for cooking your veggies, steaks, sausages, chicken, and fish.


  • It doesn’t have a non-stick surface.


The Grindmaster stainless steel electric griddle is definitely the best option for people who live in smaller settings or homes with no outdoor space or people who may want to start-up their restaurant. It is also user-friendly with detachable temperature dial with 4 cooking settings such as; warm, low, medium and high. The electric griddle has everything that a homemaker would want because of its well-structured technology that allows easy cooking routines, with its stainless-steel design easy clean up is possible after using it.

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