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DeLonghi America CGH1020D Livenza All Day Combination Contact Grill and Open Barbecue

DeLonghi America CGH1020D Livenza All Day Combination Contact Grill and Open Barbecue

This product is a great grill. You can decide whether you want to grill or cook your favorite food on it like; steaks, potatoes, cheese, cheese sandwiches, bacon and it is also great for making hamburgers. If you are looking for an indoor grill, then you are on the right track. The De’Longhi grill and open barbecue is great for making waffles, eggs, bacon and grilled veggies for breakfast. It is fabulous and easy to use as it does everything as a stove or an oven does. It has an extra big surface which can gracefully accommodate your food. It cooks meat tender within minutes.

De’Longhi grill and open barbecue comes with three different sets of plate. These are the grill, waffle and flat plates. The grill is an amazing setup and a great one for indoor settings. Most families or people leaving alone would love this grill because of its simple and unique design.

Specifications of De’Longhi Livenza all day grill

This grill is indeed an ‘all day’ grill with its large cooking surface suitable to serve a large family setting. It has a self-adjustable hanging hinge making it easier to adjust it without the need of consulting the manufacturer or technicians. Other specs are;

Product nameDe’Longhi America CGH1020D Livenza All Day Combination Contact Grill and Open Barbecue
Reference no606870-CGH1020D
Product dimension18 ×14×7.5 inches
Cooking surface size14.5in ×9in (doubles to 14.5in x 18in once opened)
Cooking functionsContact grill, open full grill, open full griddle, half grill/half griddle, and Panini press.
ControlDigital LED control panel

Why every family needs a De’Longhi Livenza all day contact grill and open barbecue?

This product is a must that every family needs to assist in cooking and making food much faster. It is the perfect appliance for your kitchen to be top notch. This unique grill with its simple design has a multipurpose performance which will help you cook healthy and delicious meals.

It has a different cooking function which will bring out your food in the way you want. It has the contact grill, Panini press, full grill and griddle, and half grill/half griddle or even the waffle way. This is also suitable to run your daily restaurant business because with these different plates you can easily take up many orders and have them ready within minutes.

De’Longhi grill and open barbecue has embedded heating elements that create an evenly heated cooking surface for food to become evenly cooked and tasty as well. Another thing to take note is its floating hinge that grills thick sandwiches without crushing them, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Check out this video about the electric grill

DeLonghi America CGH1020D Livenza All Day Combination Contact Grill



  • Has a large cooking surface that accommodates multiple servings.
  • It helps saving time by cooking different foods even at a different temperature on different plates.
  • It has a large bright and easy to read LCD display which can also be monitored from distance.


  • It’s quite heavy to handle.


De’Longhi Livenza all day grill is also easy and simple to clean due to its non-stick removable grill, griddle and waffle plates. And guess what? These plates are dishwasher safe. It also has easy –release button turners for adjusting and increasing the temperature on the grill. The grill is also super nice with its cool-touch handles. It is also accompanied with a dedicated app to assist the cook during the cooking process. For home cooks who are searching for grills to occupy and maximize counter space, De’Longhi Livenza with its Flex Press system is the perfect appliance for your kitchen.

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