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How Koval 15-inch 1500W Electric Griddle Improve Your Cooking

Koval Inc. 15 Electric Griddle

Electric griddles are a particularly important thing to have at a house party or any other occasion; it has completely revolutionized the way we cook and the way we organize and celebrate at parties. The griddle is a large flat cooking surface that is used for grilling and even just normally cooking anything. Due to the nonstick surface of the grill, it is generally a great compensation for stoves.

With the advent of electric skillets, cooking on the grill has become easier, and they have become much more portable. Koval has been the frontrunner in the griddle industry ever since their first product came out in the market. The 15-inch 1500W Electric Griddle from Koval is commercial grade appliance and is excellent for countertop purposes. Here are a few aspects that we loved about this grill.

Great quality

The grills that usually come in the price in which the Koval 15 inch griddle is available are generally low in terms of quality and do not live up to the expectations. The Koval Inc. 15 inch Food Grill has been manufactured using the top quality stainless steel to ensure maximum convenience when cooking food or washing the entire thing. The stainless steel does not get scratched very quickly and does not acquire a dent now and then. The countertop steel also does not develop soot on the top which eliminates any chances of a bitter flavor on the food.

Low maintenance cost

Most of the new grills that are available within the same price range do not offer low maintenance, and that is a reason why people usually opt not to buy a griddle in such a price range. However, the Koval 15-inch 1500W Electric Griddle needs less maintenance due to the several features installed on it that aid in maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of the grill. The griddle has a handy grease tray which can be quickly pulled out and cleaned with a sponge. Other than that, the rack uses additional splash protectors on the sides of the body to protect itself from the oil and grease that build up around the walls and legs of the grill.

Improved cooking experience

The Koval 15-inch 1500W Electric Griddle has been designed to be used by a variety of customers for a wide range of food items. The griddle can be used to prepare omelets, fried chicken, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, and it can also be used for cooking vegetables. The Koval skillet also provides a convenient thermostat which can neatly adjust the heat to your cooking requirement. Due to the nonstick coating on the top of the grill, the food won’t get burned very easily, and you can quickly take the food off from the countertop in case something goes wrong.



  • The grill has been built to be healthy and sturdy and last for years.
  • The Koval 15 inch griddle has a handy grease tray that can easily be removed for cleaning.
  • There are several splash guards on the sides and front of the body to keep the electric griddle clean and shiny.
  • The cooking surface has been made from cast iron that makes it sturdy and convenient for everyday use.
  • The stainless steel construction makes it easily maintainable.


  • It is not precisely portable as it requires the user to plug it into a socket at all times.


If you require a relatively economical electric skillet, then the Koval 15-inch 1500W Electric Griddle is one that should grab your attention. Although it may not be portable, it comes with several benefits which overweigh the cons of this grill. The commercial grade product is highly durable and it will enable you to prepare extraordinary dishes for your family get-togethers.

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