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Blackstone Tailgater vs. Camp Chef 1

Blackstone tailgater vs camp chef

There is nothing like opening the lids to a smoky tailgate surrounded by friends and family. The summer seems to linger on forever, and winter is yet to come. So while the toads in the pond get ready to hibernate, we tailgaters brace ourselves for a new journey, starting right from the back of our car. Over the years, many prominent brands have come up claiming to be the best, but only two have ever said much.

Let’s find out from both the Blackstone Tailgater and the Camp Chef, which one is the ultimate winner and tailgating goddess?

Blackstone Tailgater vs. Camp Chef Comparison Table:

ModelBlackstone Grills Tailgater - Portable Gas Grill and Griddle ComboCamp Chef 2 Burner Camping Modular Cooking Stove
Cooking Space512 sq. in448 sq. in
Cooking Power15,000 + 20,000 BTUs2 x 30,000 BTUs
PortabilityVery GoodGood
Best FeatureGrill Plus Griddle ComboComfortable Design
Dimensions52x24x38.5 in14x32x29 in
Price Check Price Check Price

Blackstone Company History:

Blackstone has been around for a couple of years now. The journey started in 2005 with their very first outdoor cooking griddle. Ever since the 36” fire beast came out, the company’s trade flourished, and stocks went high.

Blackstone has collaborated with over a hundred top chefs and award-winning restaurants to bring you the best cooking products sculpted from cast iron and stainless steel. If there’s something that Blackstone can’t do, it makes you disappointed. Many years of experience has shaped up the company’s executive board to become one of the top-rated companies in the US.

Camp Chef Company History:

Camp Chef has a history just as beautiful and inspiring as Blackstone. In 1990, a group of friends wanted to change the world of outdoor cooking; they wanted to make it easier. And so began the journey which would eventually end up in decades’ worth of effort and inspiration.

The company formed their very first stove, the topmost innovation named Pro 60. It was just the start. Over the course of decades, the industry continued to grow to become one of the most sought-after and highly appreciated outdoor cooking brand.

Blackstone Tailgater vs. Camp Chef Accessories:

Every phenomenal outdoor feast requires some standard accessories. Blackstone has some lavish and convenient accessories to go with the Tailgater. First up, they provide some of the best griddles in town, with wide surface areas and spectacular taste and texture. They also have mini stoves and charcoal grills, and all sorts of tongs, lids, carry bags, and scrapers.

As for the Camp Chef, their griddle quality is excellent, with perfect texture and taste, and grill boxes for easy carrying and cooking. Their brand also features tons of great carry bags, covers, pots, pans, skillets, and even outdoor ovens. We especially love their grill lids.

The Most Important Blackstone Tailgater Accessories:

The Most Important Champ Chef Two Burner Stove Accessories:

Blackstone Tailgater vs. Camp Chef Specialties:

Coming on to the Blackstone Tailgater, why do we wish to include it here in the first place? Well, it’s pretty simple. You see, the Tailgater is an innovative product, which means that it was never meant to fit in. It was made to stand out.

What is so special about it? It isn’t the versatile cooking options or the strength of the cast iron. It’s the two individual and independent burners, they can produce 15,000 and 20,000 BTUs. This tailgating grill shares this feature with only a handful of products in the market, but none can do it as good as the Blackstone.

What about the Camp Chef Tailgater? Well, there isn’t just one special thing. Rather, it’s the minor run-of-the-mill features which come together to make this the second best tailgater in the US.

It has 448 inches of surface area, packed with hardcore aluminum burners, each with 30.000 BTUs of thermal energy. So when you see all of these features pressed into one, you realize that there is something truly special about the Camp Chef. We stand steadfast in our decision to name this as one of the top grills in the country.

Who Do We Recommend It To?

We recommend the Blackstone Tailgater to users who are not used to the outdoor experience and want to get everything done on the first try. The Blackstone features multiple cooking options and platforms, two powerful and comprehensive burners, and its power source is propane which will give your food a conventional smoky taste.

The Camp Chef is better recommended for those who already have experience in the grilling field and want more out of their skills. It uses aluminum burners, which gives them ten times more conductivity than regular burners. It is why it can spout 30,000 BTUs and remain fresh as a daisy.

Why Do We Recommend The Blackstone Tailgater or The Camp Chef?

The reasons for recommending the Tailgater and the Camp Chef are obvious. Firstly, both products are made from cast iron, which makes them pure, strong, and conductive. Secondly, both have two powerful burners, although the Camp Chef can deliver more energy.

Thirdly, they both offer almost 500 square inches of cooking area, which can cook many different items. Fourthly, you can cook in any style you want, and use them for a simple roast too. They even prove to be exceptional for frying and lightly charring.

Blackstone Tailgater Specifications :

With over 512 square inches of cooking space and thermal power of 20,000 BTUs, the Blackstone stands out from among the rest. It uses two independently operated burners. One burner uses a stainless steel h-tube design and generates up to 15,000 BTUs, whereas the other is a simple yet powerful wrought iron burner of 20,000 BTUs. We especially love the dual-strive design, along with the complimentary grill box and the portability.

Another special quality to note is that the Blackstone is a grill-griddle combo, which means that one burner has a grilling effect whereas the other uses an inbuilt griddle to cook the food your way. It is very innovative of Blackstone as it uses two burners for added power and temperature stability.

It can cook past 500 degrees which is optimum for steaks and charring. The Tailgater roasts at both 15,000 BTUs and 20,000 BTUs. It has 512 square inches surface area; can cook many food items in one go. It works great as an open pizza oven or pastry. The Tailgater is great for frying and roasting and is portable; legs can be retracted and adjustable accordingly.

The Blackstone Tailgater Features:

  • Material: Durable cast iron
  • Cooking Area: 512 sq. in
  • Burners: 15,000 BTUs and 20,000 BTUs
  • Temperature Range: 500+ degrees
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Height: 38.5 inches

Special Features: Adjustable legs, includes grill box, durable grill grates, and vent, extra compact and portable.

Great For: tailgating, roasting, grilling, smoking, charring, and frying.

Camp Chef Tailgater Specifications :

Camp Chef’s candidate has a few interesting qualities too. It has a surface area of 448 square inches, which is slightly low as compared to Blackstone but is enough for dozens of patties and cutlets. Apart from that, the temperature can get beyond 500 degrees, and both the durable aluminum burners eject 30,000 BTUs of heat energy. Truly, this is one exceptional addition.

Another thing to note is the comfortable design. The legs are straight and retractable, and the grill can easily be moved around. It almost looks like a regular stove made just for the outdoors. The product is also very lightweight and small and folds easily to be carried around anywhere with utmost ease.

It comes with 448 square inches of cooking space; can accommodate dozens of patties and burgers. It can save time and energy by using the most efficient ways. Both burners reach a maximum of 30,000 BTUs, premium for heavy duty smoking. The texture is just right for tailgating. It weighs only 26 pounds; lightweight and easy to carry and is highly durable and reliable aluminum-plated stovetops.

The Blackstone Tailgate Specifications:

  • Material: Durable cast iron
  • Cooking Area: 448 sq. in
  • Burners: 30,000 BTUs each
  • Weight: 30.5 pounds
  • Height: 29 inches

Special Features: aluminum-plated burners, include regulator and hose for the propane tank, highly durable.

Great For: tailgating, cooking, roasting, frying, deep frying vegetables, pizzas, burgers.

Final Verdict:

In our battle of the Blackstone Tailgater vs. the Camp Chef, we found that there is no such thing as “the best grill in the world.” Both products have their similarities and dissimilarities, their pros and cons, and their wonderful worlds of medium rare steaks and broccoli.

So we have no personal favorite. Pick your own. We would say try out the Blackstone if you want versatility. Otherwise, the Camp Chef works just fine too.

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