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Terrace Terrific, the Smokeless Gourmia GBQ330 Portable Charcoal Electric BBQ Grill

Gourmia GBQ330 Portable Charcoal Electric BBQ Grill

The Gourmia portable Charcoal Electric Grill can be used outdoors and indoors – like a patio or a terrace. Since the grill does use charcoal, it should be used in a well-ventilated area to prevent carbon monoxide intake.

The Gourmia Grill comes equipped with a smart fan system that reduces the amount of charcoal used and maintains cooking temperature. The round shape of the grill makes it easier to store especially if you’re going camping – a travel bag comes included.

Even though it is called a smokeless grill, the smoke released will be from the food being grilled and not the charcoal. Keep this in mind before firing the grill up in the kitchen. The amount of smoke depends on your cooking capabilities, and a lot of smoke is a clear sign that the grill is getting too hot.

The three most important selling points of the Gourmia Charcoal Grill are it’s


The round shape of the grill isn’t just reminiscent of the days past, but the shape allows the components to fit snug and compact. The circular grill plate gives ample room to cook and can be used for cooking with a pot – as long as the pot is placed in the center. The circular shape makes the grill easily distinguishable as an outdoor product.


The Gourmia Grill is small in size to make it portable; by using a fan system and non-stick grill plates, the grill sheds some serious weight. The lightweight grill won’t rust like other outdoor grills, and without a stand or giant surface area, it is less prone to dings and dents.


Just by using less fuel you are lowering your carbon footprint. Obviously buying a grill which doesn’t use coal seems smarter, but that grill will be less portable.

The fan system helps to maintain the coals at a certain temperature, improving the combustion by regulating air flow. The regulation of air flow helps the grill use less coal; at the same time using more of it.

Features of The Gourmia Portable Charcoal Electric Grill

The Gourmia Grill is compact and portable. The grilling space is almost twelve inches – the same size as a vinyl record. The grill uses a mix of electronics, fuel, and layering to create a smart grill.

The grill comprises a removable ignition plate, on top which sits the charcoal box and the drip tray. The top is covered by the grill plate. The power source is made up of four AA batteries, which sit in a battery holder near the base of the grill.

Thanks to thoughtful construction, grill plate, and drip tray are easily removable. The ignition plate improves the safety quality of the product and decreases the likely hood of any mishaps.

The fan system fitted in the grill keeps the flame strength uniform which helps to keep the coals at the right temperature. The even burning reduces carbon monoxide emission and uses the fuel more efficiently.


  • The fan system regulates the air flow to reduce coal wastage.
  • The non-stick grill plate and drip tray are dishwasher safe.
  • Less charcoal is used by this grill to cook food.
  • Fuel efficient and durable.
  • Portable.


  • If it’s running on electricity, there is no use in taking it along camping.


The Gourmia Smokeless Charcoal Grill is a good investment if you’re looking for a portable grill. The added advantage being able to use it indoors – almost. The grill plate has enough space to cook for two to three people at a time. The Gourmia is fuel efficient and durable. The look of the grill makes for a very attractive product; the circular shape makes it feel easy to use.

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