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A gift for BBQ Lovers: Keter Unity Indoor Outdoor BBQ Entertainment Storage Table

Keter Unity Indoor Outdoor BBQ Entertainment Storage Table

Are you tired of moving your kitchen cart in and out for those BBQs you have in your lawn? Don’t worry; Keter has got you covered here with their super handy Keter Unity Indoor Outdoor BBQ Entertainment Storage Table. The table will check all the boxes your entertainment needs. It enables you to prepare your meals with convenience as well as style in your lawn or backyard. Now you can stay where all the action is and don’t have to bother about moving your food and stuff again and again from your kitchen when you are preparing and enjoying your food with your guests.

About Keter Unity Indoor Outdoor BBQ

In addition to the ample amount of storage it provides, you can also use it for serving purposes because it comes with a metal top. As the name suggests, it is perfect for both indoors as well as outdoors. It is ideal for get-togethers and BBQs in the outdoor. The dimensions of this entertainment storage unit are 29.6-inch length, 22.7-inch width and 35.4-inch height which are perfect even if you have small space.

Key Features

Keter Unity Indoor Outdoor BBQ is made from all-weather resin which does not require much maintenance, and it looks great too. It has plenty of storage space. You can easily store your patio accessories as well as your cookware and utensils. Keter has equipped it with a couple of casters that enable you to move the unit from one place to another with ease.

Multi-purpose entertainment storage unit

It enables you to host your party without any fuzz. The durable metal top allows you for prepping your food as well as serving. It has 207 L/54 G sealed capacity for storage while overall the storage capacity is 298 L/78 G.

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Keter Unity Indoor Outdoor BBQ Entertainment Storage Table


  • You can perform some tasks while staying close to your friends.
  • This BBQ table is constructed from resin which can resist all weathers and has a beautiful appearance.
  • The company had made the metal top from highly durable stainless steel 18 GA #430 stainless steel which can be used to serve food and a prep station.
  • There are a couple of side bars with hook holders on each side of the table for hanging paper towels. Each side has four hooks.
  • The table also houses a bottle opener along with a spice rack.


  • You will need the instruction manual that comes with the product because the assembly is not that straightforward.
  • The metal top might get dents or scratches after some time if you use them carelessly.
  • The door of the storage at the bottom does not have a latch, and it’s a bit too tight. For this, you need to add your padlock to the provided clip.


Keter Unity Indoor Outdoor BBQ Entertainment Storage Table provides an all-in-one solution for your backyard needs. This multi purpose station enables you to carry out a variety of tasks that range from prepping and serving. You can also use it as a gardening center, and you don’t need to get away from your friends or guests. The unit also provides excellent storage space for your gardening supplies as well as cookware and patio accessories. The entertainment storage unit is fit for all weathers, and it won’t rust, peel or dent except for the metal top unless you use it carelessly.

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