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Weber 7661 Light for A Perfect Night-Time Grilling

Weber Handle Grill 'N Go Light

Due to weather changes, grilling your food outdoors is not ideal. You probably love cooking meals in your backyard, camping sites, and more, but cooking outdoors is challenging. If hail kicks in or there is snow or rain outside, you might need to change your plans. However, with Weber 7661 Grill ‘N Go Light, you don’t need to change your plans anymore.

This light attaches nicely to the handle and keeps the surface well-lit. With this light, you can now enjoy grilling/ smoking and much more. Attach this product with the grill’s handle or body and lighten the entire grilling surface.

Dive in to look at the stunning features of the Weber Handle Grill Light.

How Does the Weber Handle Grill Light Attach?

For all those seeking an ultimate solution that is beneficial and keeps your cooking area lit at night-time parties, you need this product.

This light attaches well with the handle surface of the grill. The best part of this light is that it attaches well to the grill handle. However, it is also detachable for grillers who want extra light over the cooking surface.


Lights are an essential feature to consider when buying such products. With Weber handle grill light, it features LED light. This light lasts longer, offering a brighter, energy-efficient surface saving you on batteries. In addition, the LED light of this Weber handle grill light is illuminating enough for the overall cooking surface.

Battery Life of Weber Handle Grill Light:

What you’ll love about this product is the stunning battery life. It comes with motion sensor detection saving battery life. The light will switch on whenever you open the grill lid; otherwise, it will stay off.

Motion Sensor of Weber Handle Grill Light:

The next stunning feature of this product is the motion sensor technology. This is one of this light’s best features, which saves your battery life.

You need to attach this light with the handle, and you are good to grill. This light detects motion when you open the lid and illuminates the entire grilling area. However, it switches off as soon as you close the lid. The automatic switching on and off makes the light worth buying!

Get your hands on this Weber handle grill light now and illuminate the entire cooking surface. No more hassle of grabbing a torch or finding out the illuminated area for grilling, as this product knows all!

Check out this video about the grill light

Weber Handle Grill 'N Go Light


  • Attach easily with a grill handle.
  • It’s detachable for showering extra light.
  • Comes with a motion sensor having an on/off switch.
  • Saves battery life.
  • Fits well with Genesis, Summit, and Current Spirit grills.
  • It’s a multifunctional grill light.


  • It’s not easy to detach this product from the grill handle.
  • The quality of the product is not that great.


If you seek a lightweight light that comes with enough power, opt for the Weber 7661 Handle Grill ‘N Go Light, one Size. It features LED light and clamps well to the grill handle. Fall in love with this light now that discreetly illuminates the entire surface. The automatic switch on and off mechanism is a lifesaver for this light preserving battery life.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a night owl and lovemaking grill plans with your friends and family members, then invest in this product now. Don’t regret it later, buy now a Weber Handle Grill light!

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