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Best Commercial Charbroiler Grills in 2021

Best commercial charbroiler grill

Having the best commercial charbroiler grill can cut your restaurant’s serving time in half by grilling a large amount of food in one go. If you are in search of the best commercial charbroiler grill, then there are many available on the market. Choosing the right one according to your needs, will make sure that you stay productive at your workplace and keep producing those delicious tasting recipes.

In this guide, we will provide you with our picks for the best commercial charbroiler grills. They are the best in their respective criteria. So read on to find the one that meets your requirements.

The Top 5 Best Commercial Charbroiler Grills in 2021

CharbroilersCooking surfacePerformanceBurnersCertificationsPrice
Chef's Exclusive CE780 Commercial Charbroiler Grill48-inch140,000 BTU4ANSI, CSA, and NSF Check Price
Central Restaurant CBR-24 Gas Charbroiler24-inch140,000 BTU4ANSI and CSA Check Price
American Range AERB-48L Economy Radiant Char-Broilers21-inch120,000 BTU8CSA and NSF Check Price
Bakers Pride Charbroiler 30" F-30R30-inch108,000 BTU3CSA Check Price
Mobile Gas Commercial Outdoor Charbroiler46-inch99,000 BTU6NSF and CSA Check Price

Commercial Charbroiler Grill #1:

  • If you are looking for the best charbroiler grill, then you don’t need to look any further. Right at the top is this grill from Chef’s Exclusive, and it fully lives up to its name. Designed to be used with liquid propane, this grill has full stainless steel construction for easy maintenance and long-lasting durability.
  • There is a waste tray present right at the bottom, and it comes under the entire cooking area, so no mess occurs. You can conveniently slightly it out and easily clean it up at the end of a busy day.
  • The grill features four radiant burners, and each of them can produce 35,000 BTUs. The company has used high quality cast iron for the construction of the grill grates. You can also use these reversible grates in various angles and tilt them for varying the heat levels.
  • This charbroil grill also meets the safety and performance standards and conforms to ANSI 11-2016 STD Z83 as well as CSA STD 1.8 2016 and NSF STD 4. The cooking surface of this charbroil grill is 48 inches in size, and you can use it for cooking a variety of recipes.

Commercial Charbroiler Grill #2:

  • The CBR-24 Central Restaurant gas charbroiler is 24-inch in size. It also features four burners, and each of them is capable of producing 35,000 BTUs. Each of these burners is 12-inch in size, and the company has used high-quality stainless steel for its construction.
  • These U-style burners cover every six-inch on the grates. With the high-quality burners, you can cook almost anything on this charbroiler. Another excellent feature of this product is that you can also cook different types of meat at the same time with various temperature controls.
  • The grill is made of high-quality 10-gauge steel to make sure the heat distribution remains the same from all sides. You will be able to create very tasty recipes with far more consistency this way. The cooking racks that this grill has are reversible, and you can use them to give char marks of various sizes.
  • There are sidesplashes and a backsplash also present on this grill, and they are 4-inch in height. The users won’t have to worry about any splashes while cooking. The radiants, as well as the grates, are very easy to remove, and you can clean and maintain your grill with ease.
  • Apart from that, there is a grease pan at the bottom, and it is also made of stainless steel. You can remove it to clean your grill from the bottom. The grill also features fully adjustable anti-slip legs that will keep the grill in place while you are using it.

Commercial Charbroiler Grill #3:

  • The AERB48L American Range charbroil grill is another exceptional choice for you to consider as one of the best commercial charbroil grills. This grill features eight burners, but you can also go for the model that features five burners. Total BTUs that this grill can produce are 120,000. It means that each burner has a capacity of 15,000 BTU.
  • This grill features a high-quality front made of stainless steel as well as the sides, and you can individually control all the burners according to your requirements. These burners are 6-inch apart to make sure that the heat distribution remains at an optimal level. The burners are angled radiants that you can easily remove and clean your grill with ease.
  • These angled radiants are also good at controlling any flare-ups. The reversible gates are made of cast iron, and they are designed in such a manner that the dripping grease gets directed towards the grease pan.
  • The grates can also make those markings on your food with ease and create an aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the grill also comes with a limited one year warranty on labor and parts. The dimensions of this grill are 48-inch x 30-inch x 10.5-inch, and it weighs around 350 pounds.

Commercial Charbroiler Grill #4:

  • The F-30R from Bakers Pride is all about convenience and facilitation. If you want your charbroiler grill to move around with you, then this is the right option for you. There are four high-quality castors present at each corner of this grill. If you have an issue with space and you need to keep your grill moving from one place to another, then this would be a perfect option.
  • There are three burners in this grill, and they can produce 108,000 BTUs. This number might be low for some people, but the grill focuses more on maneuverability than anything else. The interiors and exteriors are from stainless steel so that cleaning remains easy and convenient.
  • This grill can also work as your oven, and you can bake different recipes in it. There are not many charbroiler grills that you will find on the market that features an oven as well, and they are easily movable too. There is so much on offer here.
  • The stainless steel construction of this grill makes it one of the durable options that you can consider. Easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to maintain!

Commercial Charbroiler Grill #5:

  • If you are an owner of a restaurant, catering business or any other outdoor event industry, then this may be the right kind of charbroiler grill for you. If you are seriously considering rotisserie cooking, then this is the model ideal for you.
  • As this charbroiler grill features a high-quality rotisserie, you can easily grill a large-sized suckling pig and any other animal of the same size. You can cook these meets to perfection, and still have plenty of cooking space available. Furthermore, you can also do some other recipes while that larger piece of meat is getting done.
  • You also get the option of adding steam pans, a flat griddle, or an entire upper tier of shelving if you are looking to broaden your menu. Your charbroiler grill also comes with an RD-48 Roll Dome and ABR-48 Bun Rack. So, it all boils down to what your requirements are. There are six different burners in this charbroiler grill, and its overall capacity is 99,000 BTUs. The grill runs on liquid propane. There are two 14-inch wheels and two full lock casters for easier portability.
  • The charbroiler grill comes ready to use as it is shipped fully assembled. The tank holders that are there at the back can hold a couple of propane 20 lbs tanks. The company has used high-quality 304-stainless steel for the construction of the grids, fasteners, and burners. The dimensions of this charbroiler grill are 56-inch x 28-inch x 52-inch. The dimensions of the bun rack (and also of the roll dome) are 1-inch x 48-inch. The cooking surface available here is 46-inch.


All-in-all, if you are looking for the best commercial charbroiler grill then, you need to go for high BTU burners and large cooking surfaces. You will be able to produce numerous recipes with ease. Therefore, the winner of this roundup is the Chef’s Exclusive CE780 because it has all the features that you will deem must-haves in your professional kitchen.

Make sure that the grill that you are considering conforms to the standards set by the regulatory bodies in terms of performance and safety. All the grills that we have mentioned here meet these requirements. So which one of these do you think is the winner?

And what will be the best commercial charbroiler grill in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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