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Best Gas Charbroilers in 2021

Best gas charbroiler

Who does not love grilling? What is better than having all your friends on a warm day with grilling? If you do not have a charbroiler, you should consider getting one. Now that summer approaches, it is time to think about the best gas charbroiler you will use all summer!

Do not worry as we have you covered! We bring you the best charbroilers in the market. These have exceptional features and help you with your personal and professional use. Take a look at them and find the one that suits your needs the best!

The Top 5 Best Gas Charbroilers in 2021

Adcraft BDECTC-16/NG Black Diamond CharbroilerStainless steel30,000 BTU16 x 26 x 15.75 inch102 pounds Check Price
Gas Charbroiler - 2 Burners, 24"WStainless steel60,000 BTU24 x 29 x 15.5 inch235 pounds Check Price
Star 6124RCBF Star-Max Radiant Gas CharbroilerStainless steel80,000 BTU25.75 x 24 x 15.5 inch166 pounds Check Price
APW Wyott HCRB-2472I Lava Rock Gas CharbroilerStainless steel240,000 BTU72 x 33,9 x 15.8 inchN/A Check Price
Chef's Exclusive CE776 Commercial CharbroilerStainless steel70,000 BTU31.9 x 28.7 x 21.7 inchN/A Check Price
  • The Adcraft Black Diamond Charbroiler is one of the best gas charbroilers out there. It gives consumers several different features to grill professionally in a personal space. The material is a stainless steel body. The cooking surface is 16 inches where the heat is evenly distributed. The total BTU on this charbroiler is 30,000.
  • The burner helps ensure that the temperature is stable when cooking. Surrounding the cast iron grates are the splash walls. These walls catch splatters and spills for help in guaranteeing cleaner cooking experiences. For further cleanliness, there is a drip tray to catch all the extra oil to quickly dispose them.
  • The burner has a gas valve to set the temperature according to the food. All four legs are adjustable—these help in keeping your charbroiler stable when using. The fuel source for this gas charbroiler is natural gas, but you can do a field conversion to LPG.
  • A small indicating light on this Charbroiler helps you determine the usage of it. For your safety, this Charbroiler has a cETLus and ETL-Sanitation approval. This charbroiler is one of the best gas charbroilers for homes with smaller places.
  • If you are looking for a charbroiler because you always have guests, then this is for you! The Central Exclusive Gas Charbroiler is perfect for families hosting small and big events and who need the ideal countertop grill.
  • With 24 inches in cooking top, you can get grilled food in more copious amounts in less time. There are two different burners in this charbroiler. Each one has a separate valve. You can simply cook two different foods on each side without affecting the temperature.
  • This charbroiler has two types of grate angles: flat and slanted. The body of this charbroiler is stainless steel. There are also splash guards and a spill tray of the same material. These help in the cleanliness of the process of cooking and cleaning. There are four legs on this charbroiler as well. These help in adding stability while cooking on the product.
  • The cast iron burners are incredibly long-lasting, and each gives 30,000 BTU. For fuel sources, there is a natural gas connection. However, there is an option to change this to propane as well. This feature makes it perfect for moving around anywhere you like. This sturdy device is one of the best gas charbroilers in the market for both personal and professional use.

Gas Charbroiler #3:

  • Do you own a small business? Or do you just love to grill and hold parties all the time? Your personal and professional use with the Star-Max Gas Charbroiler is a breeze. It has 496 square inches of cooking surface. However, the size is still compact. It is perfect for your home’s countertop, for camping, or even for tailgating.
  • This stainless steel gas charbroiler is very durable and perfect for years to come. There are two different burners on the charbroiler. You can quickly cook veggies on the one side and grill meat on the other. The burners have their own valves, so the temperature is separately adjustable. Cast iron grates make it easy to clean and keep the food free form additional metallic flavors.
  • There is a stainless steel splash guard. This material helps in the easy cleaning of the guard. The four legs are heavy duty. There is a total of 80,000 BTU with this charbroiler. One of the best parts is the stainless steel bullnose. It remains cool and safe to use after every cooking. This product is one of the best gas charbroilers because it is all under your control.

Gas Charbroiler #4:

  • The APW Wyott Gas Charbroiler is the perfect match for your business kitchen. There are 72 inches of the cooking surface to accommodate many different foods at once. Although the size shows business, it is usable at home as well. To provide the cooking surface, this charbroiler has 12 burners. Each of the burners comes with its valve. If someone wants medium rare, then you cook at that temperature. If the other wants well-cooked, then at the same time, you cook on the different burners. The fuel source is natural gas on this charbroiler.
  • The grates are adjustable in three different angles. They are also cast iron, which allows them to evenly heat and quickly cools down. A unique feature is the lava rocks in this broiler. These are alternate to flame but not different in the heat intensity. They help the food from direct touching on the fire and keeps the food naturally moist.
  • There is a grease drawer to help keep the spills in one place for cleaning. The legs are also adjustable to make it easy to clean and adjust the height as per the desire. There is a total of 240,000 BTU of 12 burners on this charbroiler. Overall, this is one of the best gas charbroilers you will find for your professional use.
  • Chef’s Exclusive is a very reliable brand in all thing grills! Their 24” gas charbroiler is the perfect example of their products and what they offer to the customers. This gas charbroiler is ideal for countertops. The cooking surface is 24 inches, which makes it ideal for people that love to go for tailgating, camps, and that big host parties all the time.
  • The fuel source of the charbroiler is liquid propane gas. It is the best for people that purchase it for portability. The stainless steel body helps in the durability of the product. The iron cast grates are perfect for maintaining the temperature and efficiently cooling off.
  • There are two burners on this. Each gives about 35,000 BTU. There are valves to adjust the heat separately, which makes it perfect for separate cooking. The grates are also adjustable for different angles.
  • On the bottom, you find a grease tray. This tray helps in clean cooking and easy cleaning. The legs work at an adjustable size for the best gas charbroiler experience overall.


There are several gas charbroilers in the market. However, the best gas charbroiler is the one that meets all your needs. Narrowing it down was our way to help you after our experience. They deserve a space in your home or restaurant if you are looking for one.

One of the most common mistakes people make is to get something without measuring the room. Make sure you have enough space to accommodate either when you are picking the one that suits you most. Also remember, a compromise on quality is a compromise on food taste.

And what will be the best gas charbroiler in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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