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Best Lava Rock Charbroilers in 2021

Best lava rock charbroiler

If you want to diversify your kitchen menu, you need to buy the best lava rock charbroiler. These charbroilers come with lava rocks. They are responsible for keeping the flame high and the heat level up. The lava rocks are responsible for increasing the BTU of your charbroiler. The higher the BTU, the better it is.

We have sifted through hundreds of products to pick the best from the several lava rock charbroilers. Here is a list of the top ones available in the market.

The Top 5 Best Lava Rock Charbroilers in 2021

CharbroilersCooking surfacePerformanceBurnersSizePrice
Lava Rock Charbroiler-GCRB-24I24-inch80,000 BTU224 x 25.89 x 15.5 in Check Price
Chef's Exclusive CE781 Commercial Charbroiler48-inch140,000 BTU452.9 x 31.9 x 20.7 in Check Price
Gusto Lava Rock Charbroiler48-inch160,000 BTU429 x 48 x 15.5 in Check Price
CookRite ATCB-24 Lava Rock Charbroiler Grill24-inch70,000 BTU224 x 27.6 x 15.2 in Check Price
Vollrath Radiant/Lava Rock Charbroiler12-inch28,000 BTU128.5 x 13.25 x 19 in Check Price

Lava Rock Charbroiler #1:

  • Apw Wyott GCRB-241 Lava Rock Charbroiler comes with simple control burners. It is one of the best lava rock charbroilers for the weight watchers. They are going to be delighted to have this equipment in their kitchen. You don’t need to use an excessive amount of oil to prepare mouth-watering BBQ. You get to make healthy and light fish fillet and chicken steak.
  • Thanks to the lava rocks, they keep the rich flavor of meat intact. This lava rock charbroiler comes with cast-iron grates. It gives your chicken and burgers attractive grill marks.
  • The lava rocks maintain the heat distribution to the optimal capacity. They are responsible for maintaining consistency on your cooking surface. Not a single corner of the charbroiler remains cold.
  • This lava rock charbroiler helps you prevent the flare-ups. You are also able to have optimal smoke production. You get just the right amount of smoke needed to prepare the food. It comes with four adjustable legs and a capacity of 80,000 BTU.
  • This versatile charbroiler is simple to use that allows you to make a different variety of meals. It gives you top-class performance for years. You can enjoy preparing meals for your family.
  • Thanks to its durable construction, this charbroiler lasts for years to come. It is made from high-class stainless steel. The lava rocks give you an optimal amount of heat.
  • No matter what time of the day it is, you get to have the most effective and efficient charbroiler. You can use this charbroiler to its maximum capacity. It produces the right amount of energy required to give you delicious BBQ meals.
  • This 48” charbroiler comes with four burners with an optimal burner control. The temperature range is flexible. You can change it manually. For a greater level of stability, this charbroiler comes with four adjustable legs. The legs maintain the balance of the equipment.
  • If you want to prepare quick and fast meals, this is and ideal lava rock charbroiler. It is a fast pace and accurate kitchen appliance which allows you to prepare a variety of dishes. Vegetables, fish, chicken, red meat, you can add a smoky flavor to anything. This charbroiler comes with a drip tray mounted at the bottom.

Lava Rock Charbroiler #3:

  • If you want to take your cooking skills to the next level, here is another one of the best lava rock charbroilers. It gives you superior quality food. If you have a busy kitchen, Gusto 48” comes with amazing features to meet its demand. It gives you maximum cooking operation so you can enjoy cooking for years.
  • If you require to prepare food in bulk, this is a perfect charbroiler. The 48 inches wide surface is an ample space that lets you prepare meals for many guests. You can add this equipment to your food truck or café because it gives you reliable and high volume cooking.
  • The cast iron burners give you an optimal performance. You get to control the heat distribution. It gives you the maximum flexibility to control the temperature section wise. You can position the heavy-duty grates individually. They can be placed flat or slanted.
  • If you want a thin searing texture on the food you prepare, you can use the thin side of the iron grates. For prominent grill marks, the thick side is ideal.
  • This charbroiler also comes with a backsplash. It guards the food against dripping. You can control the spills and grease. This charbroiler is easy to clean. It comes with knob protection, which is cool to touch. You get to have the most comfortable work station in your kitchen.
  • For stability and steadiness, this lava rock charbroiler comes with four adjustable legs. All in all, this high-quality charbroiler is durable and reliable.

Lava Rock Charbroiler #4:

  • You don’t need to suffer while preparing BBQ steaks for your family. This charbroiler saves you from the shocking results. You get to add a rich and intense flavor to anything you prepare.
  • If you are concerned about the heat distribution, this is the ideal equipment. It comes with two independently controlled burners. If you own a restaurant, you can lure your customers with delicious burgers and sandwiches. It is a 24” charbroiler, so it comes with an ample amount of cooking area.
  • Thanks to the long-lasting cast-iron grates, you get to make flame-kissed steaks. It adds a fantastic flavor to your perfectly cooked fish fillets. The cast-iron grates are reversible. You can change them according to your cooking needs. For thick and more visible marks, you can flip the thick side.
  • It is made from stainless steel construction. The power source of this charbroiler is natural gas. The cast-iron grates are perfectly designed. They are angled to channel the oil and prevent the equipment from getting messy. You get to prepare luscious and tasty meals with ease.

Lava Rock Charbroiler #5:

  • The primary function of this lava rock charbroiler is to give you a consistent cooking temperature. You get the opportunity to prepare a variety of meals. Not only it adds a flavor to your food, but it also makes it look tempting.
  • It is a restaurant-quality charbroiler. You can attract more customers to your restaurant with the tempting meals you prepare. This charbroiler reduces the risk of fire. The iron grates prevent the unit from flaring up.
  • Cooking becomes a straight-forward process with this one of the best lava rock charbroilers. You can add a smoky flavor effortlessly. You can grill up a notch. It weighs only 92 pounds. The angled adaptor bar prevents the food from getting burnt. It comes with adjustable legs.
  • It is easy to use a charbroiler, which comes with one burner. You don’t have to deal with multiple burners. You can control the temperature of the charbroiler with one individually controlled burner. The burner has a capacity of 28,000 BTU.


The best lava rock charbroilers give you an optimal heat capacity. There is no chance of making any mistake when you have a lava rock charbroiler in your kitchen. You get to enjoy delicious and juicy steaks because of the heat retention of this device.

A lava rock charbroiler is ideal for commercial use. It is a must-have essential if you own a restaurant. Some of them come with an ample amount of cooking area.

Our top picks would help you choose the best one. You can check out the features and specifications. Buy the one that meets your cooking demands.

And what will be the best lava rock charbroiler in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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