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Best Electric Flat Top Griddles in 2022

Best electric flat top griddle

The best electric flat top griddle is one of the most running trends at this time. The reason why these are so popular is that they are electric and are safer than the traditional option of cooking stoves. These are easy to use and are considered to make a variety of healthier foods. We have compiled the best electric flat top griddle reviews to help you compare and contrast the different ones in the market. You can use these comparisons for picking the one that suits your needs.

Which foods should you cook on it?

The best electric flat top griddle is a helping hand in the kitchen. It provides users with the best forms of food and healthier ways to cook it. There are many different types of foods that you can make on the best electric flat top griddle. Breakfast items and burgers are the most popular since they both need extra care and attention to cook properly.

The Top 5 Electric Flat Top Griddle in 2022

Electric Flat Top Griddle #1:

  • The Broil King PCG-10 nonstick griddle is one of the best electric flat top griddles in the market. This griddle is flat and has features to make it suitable for almost all kinds of households. It is also suitable for all kinds of meals especially breakfast items.
  • The griddle is environmentally friendly with a nonstick coating. You can find it satisfying that the coating is friendly to the users and not some artificial plastic. The griddle is safe to put off your countertop. However, if you live solo, then it might be a little too big for you.
  • The heat is adjustable up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for different foods and their requirements. The rear legs of this griddle are adjustable to collect excessive grease in the tray. This process makes cooking easier while the griddle stays immersible in water with the temperature probe removed.
  • The nonstick feature helps clean it easily and the removal of the thermostat also makes it easy to clean. There is a splash guard on the back of the griddle so that cooking on it does not make a huge mess. This guard is easy to remove for cleaning purposes. The handles stay cool even when on the highest temperature.

Electric Flat Top Griddle #2:

  • This Presto griddle is on the list for the best electric flat top griddles because of its unique features. Its surface is flat and made of premium nonstick material.
  • The size of its cooking surface is extra-large for a great feast. If you have a large family you can easily feed them all in one go.
  • It has a drip tray to catch the excess grease and it can slide out to clean the griddle easily. If you remove the heat control you can immerse the griddle in water.
  • When it is not in use, you can simply remove its handles and store it in a standard 18-inch kitchen cabinet.

Electric Flat Top Griddle #3:

  • The Koval Inc. Food Electric Griddle is one of the best electric flat top griddles that you will find. It is a convenient and modern way to cook your food easily. The griddle can fit on your countertop easily and can help you cook without the fear of fire and other hazards. It comes in about 2 different sizes which make each of them suitable for different houses and the number of people in them.
  • The material of this griddle is stainless steel which gives it a durable life and a better result in cooking. You can easily fit it on your counter. The griddle has highly stable legs which help keep it in place while cooking.
  • There are a power indicator and a heat indicator that light up to tells you when the griddle is ready to use. The thermostat is adjustable for different types of foods and their requirements. The splash guard around the griddle helps in making it a clean way to cook food instead of making a mess.
  • The cleaning process is very easy also. The grease tray is removable to clean easily. It is not safe for dishwasher though. Overall, you will find this a very convenient purchase for everybody in the house.
  • The Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Smokeless Grill and Griddle Combo is another one of the best electric flat top griddles with competitive features. One of the best things about this griddle is that it has features of 3 in 1 and can accommodate all kinds of chefs easily. There are two reversible grids on this griddle and each one has a different thermostat.
  • The different bases make about 4 options for your grill style making it multipurpose. Each thermostat is to ensure that you can make separate kinds of foods. You will find a power indicator and two different heat lights that help you know when the griddle is ready for use.
  • There is a drip tray in the center which is universal for both sides. It is strategically placed to help the extra grease fall on the tray so that it is easy to empty and clean later. The tray and also the cooking plates are removable and then easy to wash in the dishwasher.
  • The plates are nonstick which makes them a better option than their competitors. You have the option to make breakfast and other kinds of foods on the grill for the perfect griddle. One of the best features of this is that it is smokeless which makes it suitable for indoors.
  • Another one of the best electric flat-top griddles in this list is the Waring Commercial Electric Countertop Griddle. This is a heavy duty griddle that can fit onto almost any countertop and be a better alternative to the traditional methods of cooking.
  • It comes in a stainless steel material that makes it heavy duty and more durable than the others. The griddle is about 14 inches but it is suitable if you are living alone or even with a family. It comes with a very stable set of legs. These legs allow the griddle to stay in place so that cooking is more convenient than ever.
  • It works on residential currents which makes it suitable for all households. There are a power and a heat indicator to make the griddle more efficient and easy to use. The thermostat is there to help you adjust the temperature of your choice for the requirement of the food.
  • There is a drip tray to help catch excessive grease in a clean way. The splash guards are not like your regular splash guards. They are higher so that they are much more effective. The griddle is great for all kinds of meals including breakfast items and all other meals.


Overall, you can see that the best electric flat top griddle is the one that suits all your needs according to the type of cook who you are. Make sure to select the size and features that suit you the best. You can choose from the top ones that are in the product reviews.

And what will be the best electric flat top griddle in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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