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The Best Electric Griddles with a Warming Tray in 2022

Best electric griddle with warming tray

Whether it’s hosting large dinners or running a catering business: you need the tools to make it happen. An electric griddle will give you the convenience and freedom of cooking wherever you want. Whereas, the best electric griddle with a warming tray allows you to keep your food warm and fresh.

If you’re interested in a product with multiple uses, then be sure to stick out through this article. Right now we are about to discuss a list of the best electric griddles with warming trays. But first, let us see some of the reasons why you would find an electric griddle useful.

What are the benefits of a warming tray?

For one thing, a warming tray allows you to keep your food fresh for longer. So for example, at an event, you can offer warm, fresh food. And of course, you can serve up freshly cooked food directly onto the warming tray. Some of the products on this list will also provide you with a durable and attractive tray.

Best electric griddle with a warming tray in 2022

Griddle NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
Presto 21929, W/Warming Rack Griddle6.24 lbsYes19.25x16.31x3 in1500 W Check Price
Oster Titanium Griddle with Warming Tray5.8 lbsYes4x24x13.4 in1450 W Check Price
Black & Decker GR100 Electric Griddle7.2 lbsYes26.8x14.6x5.6 in1400 W Check Price
Nostalgia GD20C Griddle with Warming Drawer5.65 lbsYes25x13.25x3.25 in1400 W Check Price
Brentwood TS-840 Electric Griddle with Drip Pan7.2 lbsYes23.8x14.5x4.6 in1400 W Check Price

Electric Griddle with a Warming Tray #1:

  • The large size of this electric griddle from Presto will give you plenty of space. And this feature alone is enough for it to be one of the best electric griddles with warming trays. But we still have more features to share with you!
  • The special tray on this product serves a list of functions. You can flip it all the way back and use it to keep your food warm. Or you can flip it up, and it will act as a splatter guard against oil spills. You can even pull it forward over your food to ensure melting and steaming. If that weren’t enough, you can always remove the tray and use it to serve.
  • There is also a built-in backstop ledge on this griddle for easy food handling. And did we mention the non-stick cooking surface? With this electric griddle and warming tray, you don’t have to worry about cleanup time.
  • It is a great product that will prove useful at all times of the day whether you’re serving up breakfast or if you’re holding a small lunch. This electric griddle will give a wide cooking space and an attractive tray to serve it.
  • Not to mention the Control Master that maintains heat control on all of your cooking. This feature ensures a perfect cook and great taste.

Electric Griddle with a Warming Tray #2:

  • The electric griddle line by Oster continues to impress with their latest product. This griddle comes with the same special, protected and safe cooking plate.
  • Their cooking plate is titanium-infused with a non-stick layer that lasts eight times as long as any other out there. This non-stick coating is natural and PFEA- as well as PFOA free. This coating is powerful and safe from harmful chemicals. Not to mention that it will not flake or peel off with continued use.
  • This electric griddle comes with a removable, adjustable temperature control that helps you to maintain the heat. This feature is useful for producing quality food thirty percent faster than other products. Add to that the time and energy you save that you would have spent hovering over the stove. Lastly, there is the spacious warming tray that keeps food warm until you are ready to serve. Number one is safety and convenience; this product is one of the best electric griddles with a warming tray.

Electric Griddle with a Warming Tray #3:

  • If you host large family gatherings, then you need this electric griddle from Black and Decker. You will probably appreciate the wide cooking space on this large cooking plate.
  • Here’s why we think this electric griddle with warming try would be a good fit for you. When attending parties, people constantly gravitate towards the food. The only thing that could make lively conversation better is doses of delicious, warm food. This product not only allows you to serve up a large amount of food but keep it warm as well. It will let people taste warm food whenever they come around to it.
  • Imagine staying up until four the night before to prepare a platter of food for your friends. Only to watch it cool and dry up as you wait for the guests to arrive. The built-in warming tray keeps your food fresh for a long time. It is also a convenience in terms of design because the raised back of the tray prevents splatters.
  • If you’re wondering how you will clean such a large utensil, then you shouldn’t worry! This large tray can be immersed in your sink once you remove the probe. Some parts on this electric griddle are also dishwasher friendly. So after a long, exhausting party, you can place the grease cup in the dishwasher for a scrub. This large product is undoubtedly one of the best electric griddles with a warming tray on the market.

Electric Griddle with a Warming Tray #4:

  • For those of you in the catering business, this product is a tool of necessity. This electric griddle with warming drawer was built for endurance. The strong copper body and die-cast aluminum surface tell you exactly what to expect.
  • The cooking plate on this griddle is a massive 20”x10”, and it is coated with a powerful non-stick material. You can fry up a small mountain of food before you need to worry about clearing away the surface.
  • Then there is the adjustable thermostat that can give you between 200 degrees to 450 degrees. You can switch up the heat to toss up some vegetables, or you can keep a low flame for steaks. Either way, this griddle gives you a great and even cook.
  • This electric griddle comes with a drip tray to catch excess grease and stay cool handles. To top it all off, we have the reliable warming drawer that keeps food warm. All these features make for a strong contender among the best electric griddles with a warming tray.

Electric Griddle with a Warming Tray #5:

  • This electric griddle from Brentwood has earned its spot on our list of the best electric griddles with a warming tray. We are just impressed by the multiple, convenient features on this electric griddle.
  • Firstly, the cooking surface of this plate has a powerful nonstick material. This protective layer helps you to cook without wasting any food. It also allows for a quick and effortless cleanup! So that you can wipe down the cooking surface and you can place the trays in a dishwasher.
  • The cooking controls on this electric griddle are amazing! The indoor grill has adjustable temperature settings you can change to suit your cooking needs. This electric griddle also has an indicator light that lets you know it is on.
  • You can safely move this electric griddle from room to room with the cool-touch handles. This electric griddle also comes with a drip tray that is removable and dishwasher friendly.


We all have different needs, and it is hard to find a product that suits. Nonetheless, we are confident in the wide range which we have showed. You can scroll through the information on these products, and we’re sure you will find the one you need. Every one of them is on the list of the best electric griddles with a warming tray for a reason.

And what will be the best electric griddle with a warming tray in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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