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Landmann vs. Weber Gas Grill 2

Landmann vs weber

Landmann and Weber are two of the most recognizable brands when we talk about barbeques and grills. Both these gas-powered grills are highly popular among the customers because of the value they offer. As both brands are known for their gas grills it is important for us to identify which of them will be beneficial for specific purposes.

Both Landmann and Weber come with huge reputations due to the durability and energy efficiency they offer. The food these grills cook also tastes marvelous, therefore, everything boils down to only one question and that is which one of these two is the best to use.

Therefore, let’s begin with our Landmann vs. Weber showdown!

Comparison: Landmann vs. Weber Gas Grill

ModelLandmann Burner LP Gas GrillWeber Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill
No. of Burners22
Cooking Surface479 square inches450 square inches
Power SourcePropanePropane
Weight74 Pounds114 Pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Landmann Industry History

Landmann came into being back in 1966 in Germany and was the first company to introduce its BBQ products to the German market. It is the largest supplier of garden life and barbeque equipment. It has garnered tremendous success in the North American market along with China and Australia as well.

The immense growth of the brand across five continents is the proof that there are a lot of satisfied customers that prefer to buy the barbeque products from this company. It is known for its user-friendly products that it designs around the needs of the customers. In addition to the barbeque equipment, the company also offers a huge range of accessories to get your flames going.

Weber Industry History

Weber was incorporated back in 1952. During those years the idea of barbeque and grilling was fairly new for the world. In most cases, people would use buoys and kettles to enjoy smoked food. During that time, George Stephen applied his idea to cut a buoy in half. He then added vents along with legs.

And this way the first ever grill was brought to life. Now, it has become a global phenomenon, a backyard revolution. The company provides its customers with a huge variety of barbeque grills. Weber is the name that is synonymous with barbeque innovation. It has decades of experience under its belt and a long list of grills that integrate innovation.

Specialty – Landmann vs. Weber

In this Landmann vs. Weber comparison, it is essential to identify each brand’s specialty and what does it has to offer to its customers. If you are looking to buy a gas grill for barbequing in your backyard or garden without too much frequency then Landmann is the best option for you. BBQ one a month with Landmann will work great.

If you are looking for a long lasting gas grill then Weber should be your choice, hands down. Many of the customers have reported that this grill is going to last for a very long time. If you do BBQs very frequently like twice or thrice a week then you should definitely go for Weber. It will deliver plenty of value in the long run.

Which product for whom we recommend

Now for the critical part of our Landmann vs. Weber review, which one is recommended for whom! Weber can outperform Landmann in terms of durability. If you are a serious griller then you should go for Weber.

Nevertheless, Landmann is best suited for people who do barbeques on fortnightly basis. In terms of specifications, there is not much difference between the two products that we are recommending below from both the brands. It is more of a competition that is based on who prefers what brand over the other.

Landmann 42204 LP Gas Grill with Side Burner

This Landmann designed stainless steel 2-burner gas grill has a 479 square inches cooking area. The combined output of tube burners is 30000 BTU per hour. It allows you to control the cooking temperature from low to high and high to low requirements. Moreover, the reliable push ignition button assists to fire up these burners with immediate sparks. The cooking surface is porcelain coated by cast iron, which develops even heat distribution and durability as well.

You can control the temperature of the two tubular burners. These are stainless steel independently control knobs to grill your favorite meal simultaneously. Generally, the Landmann gas grill comes with door handles design. This makes it easy for you to access with your hands. Moreover, there is a lid that is made of stainless steel. Plus, there are big casters for easily moving along with two locking caster for securely holding the grill in one place or provide stability.

It is easy to use because it is equipped with two side shelves that are foldable and used for work. Furthermore, it comes with high portability; there are four casters, two used for the locking and two are fixed; these casters are very helpful to move or replace this Landmann grill from one place to another. This product also comes with a warming rack. It is made of stainless steel and presents 136 square inches cooking surface. The surface keeps the food warm or at the ideal temperature for serving to your guests and families as well.

Notable features:

  • It presents 479 square inches in cooking surface
  • The burner gives even heating for perfect cooking
  • There is a stainless steel warming rack to keep the food warm
  • Two foldable side shelves improve its design
  • The burners are also stainless steel

Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Weber designed a compact and beautiful model with the name Spirit E210. It is equipped with two stainless steel burners. There is a cooking surface that comprises of porcelain enamel for better heat maintenance of cast iron. The grate is easy to clean and does not require seasoning. This Weber grill presents abundance space to grill your favorite food at any time or at any season.

Generally, this griller offers 26.500 BTU per hour input. The total capacity of the cooking spot is 450 square inches. It is a combination of the 360 square inches primary cooking area and the 90 square inches warming rack. Weber used highly efficient cast aluminum. Moreover, it is durable, reliable, needs less maintenance and care. You can heat the grill at any temperature as your requirement or preferences.

Furthermore, it properly circulates the heat around the food to cook evenly. It means that it enables perfect cooking whether you are using indirect or direct heat. There is a grease management system that consists of both a greased tray and a catch pan. The tray maintains a safe distance from the burner tubes to avoid the grease from catching fire. Both the catch pan and grease tray are easy to clean because they are constructed with stainless steel.

Notable features:

  • An innovative fuel gauge indicates the quantity of fuel at all time
  • The cooking surface spot is about 450 square inches that give plenty of space to cook the food
  • The performance of this Weber grill is high even you cook a basic burger or an extensive snack
  • This is an ideal product due to high-quality, reliability, integrity, portability, and consistency
  • The stainless steel burners put out 26.500 BTU per hour

The Most Important Weber Spirit Grill Accessories


After reviewing both products in our Landmann vs. Weber comparison, if we compare the specifications and the reliability of both these products we have a clear winner and that is the Spirit E210 from Weber. In terms of specifications such as BTUs and cooking surface, the 42204 grill from Landmann might take the lead. However, in terms of reliability, there is no match of Weber’s quality. If you do BBQs quite frequently then Weber should be your preferences.

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  • Robert Heroux

    Right…..but you didn’t compare cost. How many Landmann grills can you buy for the cost of one Weber?

    • Balazs Albertus

      Dear Robert,
      Really, because the prices are constantly changing.
      You can compare the prices easy on the links above.