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Best Smoker Cookbooks in 2022

Best smoker cookbook

People usually smoke meat in festivals and parties only because it is such a hard task. It is not easy to make a perfectly smoked meat at home. That’s why people keep it restricted to only special occasions. But that will not be the case any longer. We will bring you the best smoker cookbooks.

These cookbooks will allow you to make smoked meat that is not just perfect but also less time-consuming. So now you can reap the benefits of a perfectly smoked meat with your family on the weekends.

Why you need a smoke cookbook?

There are many benefits of having a cookbook for smoking meat. The most obvious is that you get various different recipes to cook meat. You can try and experiment with something new and continue making it when you like the taste. There is something about a perfectly smoked meat that allures you instantly.

If you are a new cook and don’t know the ropes of cooking, a smoker cookbook will be a great helping hand for you. You will be able to make a variety of different dishes through this cookbook.

Furthermore, these cookbooks are not just for beginners but also for the people who love cooking. It will give you an extra nudge in the right direction and help you cook smoked meat in an even better way.

They will help you prepare dishes that are delicious and mouthwatering. You will get to learn new, easy and time-saving ways of smoking meat. It will be a great addition to your kitchen which will guide you in your cooking.

The Top 6 Best Smoker Cookbooks in 2022

Smoker CookbookBest featureNo. of recipesPagesPrice
A Meat-Smoking Manifesto [A Cookbook]New York Times bestseller25+224 Check Price
Project SmokeStep by step guide100 recipes336 Check Price
Smokin' with Myron Mixon: A CookbookFollows the “keep it simple” mantraMore than 75 award-winning recipes 192 Check Price
The Ultimate Step-By-Step Smoker CookbookStep by step cookbook95 recipes 172 Check Price
The Art of Smoking Meat for Real PitmastersBook for beginners35 recipes120 Check Price
Ultimate Smoker Cookbook for Real PitmastersOnly meat recipes20+ recipes100 Check Price
  • Franklin Barbecue is the New York Times bestseller that speaks volumes about the response it has gotten from the general public and how good the recipes must have been.
  • Moreover, as the name suggests the cookbook is written by Aaron Franklin who is not only the owner of a widely popular Austin restaurant named Franklin Barbecue but also a pitmaster. He is not just any pitmaster but the country’s most celebrated and immense knowledgeable person about how cooking is done and how you can cook the best-smoked meat.
  • He does not just share how to cook the best-smoked meat but his cookbook is full of ways of handling other things as well. This includes not only building but also customizing your own smoker. This is incredible as no other cookbook will guide you through that. It also provides details on how to find and cure the right kind of wood which is essential to making perfectly smoked meat.
  • This cookbook contains ways on how to cook the most delicious smoked meat. It has all the guides to brisket-cooking and meat smoking. Plus the author has every major barbecue award to prove that he is the best at what he does. So if he has a cookbook it is certainly going to live up to all your expectations and provide you with the best.

Smoker Cookbook #2:

  • This is the best smoker cookbook because it provides new and different flavors to the same recipes. Project Smoke is a complete and comprehensive book for preparing smoked meat. This one provides you with step by step instructions on how to prepare the best-smoked meat you have ever tasted.
  • It is the best smoker cookbook because it has some of the best recipes. Plus you have a vast choice to select from. That is because this cookbook consists of 100 recipes to prepare smoked meat, briskets, ribs, pork, salmon, turkey, and even desserts. This cookbook is a complete package. It has every recipe you could ever need and more.
  • This book will help you become a pro in the craft of smoking. This will be a great skill to have up your sleeve when you need to arrange parties and get-togethers with friends and family. Every recipe is different from others and provides you with amazing flavor. It does not just tell you how to cook. It also helps you to learn ways of choosing the right smoker that will be suitable for you.
  • Furthermore, it will help you in understanding the different kinds of wood, tools, and fuel. All these added factors make for the perfect smoked meat. It is not just about cooking but also about a lot of different factors that go into cooking the meat.
  • This cookbook will help you master the different techniques which include hot-smoking, cold-smoking, and smoking with tea and also hay. All these new ways will really help you to bring up a notch higher, the level of your cooking.

Smoker Cookbook #3:

  • This cookbook as the name suggests is written by Myron Mixon who is a very popular figure in the world of smoked meat. He has won numerous awards for his skills and cooking. Plus he is the leader of the winningest team in the world of competitive barbecue. This goes on to show how good he is at what he does.
  • Plus it goes on to show his skills and talent which he has embedded in this cookbook. All the knowledge he gathered over the years about not just smoking meat but other aspects as well, are combined in this amazing cookbook.
  • This cookbook will surely open your eyes to the simple ways of doing things and how the simplest of things can make the best of things. This cookbook consists of one mantra that Myron Mixon follows. That mantra is to stay simple and not complicate things. Overthinking about smoking meat will make it difficult and then potentially lead to a not so good meal. That’s why to avoid this stay plain and simple and that will do the trick for you.
  • Furthermore, he has several tips on how to choose the best wood for smoking, the formulas for marinades and sauces and how to cook ribs, chicken, and briskets perfectly. All this is present in just a single book.
  • The best part about this book is that he has shared more than 75 of his recipes, all of them have won awards for their impeccable taste and flavor. Plus he provides advice about cooking that will end all your worries and anxiety.

Smoker Cookbook #4:

  • Real BBQ Smoker Cookbook provides you with tried and tested formulas of making amazing, mouthwatering BBQ. With the help of this cookbook, it will become a lot easier to master your skills of smoking meat. It consists of advice from Will Budiaman who is the recipe developer.
  • That’s not all; it consists of guidelines that are step by step to make it easy for you to understand. If you can’t understand the instructions you won’t be able to follow them properly and end up ruining the meat, that’s why they are made so easy to comprehend.
  • The best part is that there are over 95 recipes to choose from. You can choose any one of the recipes and start working on it. These recipes are not just for experts. These are suitable for people who are beginners and have just started cooking.
  • There is a label on them that says beginners, intermediate and advanced. This will help you choose which one you can make. Once you become good at one level, you can move onto the other and try new recipes.
  • Furthermore, it consists of an overview of the BBQ which consists of everything you need before the actual smoking starts. This includes the kind of wood required, type of smoker and regional styles. Everything is covered in this portion. Moreover, this cookbook consists of tips of the pitmaster that includes different techniques, bits of advice for shopping and much more.

Smoker Cookbook #5:

  • The smoker cookbook is a complete guide on how to cook all kinds of meat. This includes recipes to make ham, beef, pork, vegetables, fish and poultry. With the help of this cookbook, you will be able to cook all these amazing dishes without the help of an expert. It does not matter if you want to cook ham or fish, there are recipes for everything. This cookbook has it all covered.
  • Furthermore, this cookbook is for beginners. So all these people who have just started cooking and want to learn the ropes of smoking meat this is a great book for them.
  • This book consists of easy to understand instructions that come with guidelines. These guidelines are step by step along with pictures. These steps make it easy for a beginner to cook and also follow the instructions. With this book, you won’t need any professional help and you will be cooking delicious smoked meat in no time.
  • This cookbook includes recipes of ribs, briskets, turkey, venison, and chicken. It has photographs as well of all the finished meat to give you an idea of how it will look in the end. It consists of all the tools and tips needed to start smoking your meat without needing anyone’s help.

Smoker Cookbook #6:

  • This is the ultimate cookbook for smoked meat recipes. It consists of everything needed for a perfectly smoked meat. It has all the techniques, tools and tips one would require to cook a perfectly smoked chicken, ham, ribs, fish or anything else.
  • This is a good cookbook for learning new and unique ways of preparing BBQ. It will help to try something new and add a different flavor than your usual one.
  • This book will teach you how to retain the nutrients of the food while cooking the food so that you get healthy food to eat. This is something different from other cookbooks. It provides some of the best recipes for making smoked meat.
  • This is a great book for pitmasters. As they already know what they are doing and are experts at it. They need something that will make their dish different from others and that’s what this cookbook provides. It provides a unique aroma to your dishes by adding an extra flavor.


After comparing all the cookbooks, the best one among all these is the Project Smoke cookbook. The reason is that it is written by someone who is doing the same thing every day that he is writing about. That’s why it is filled with tips and techniques that make your meal extra tasty.

Furthermore, it is the New York Times bestseller which means that people have already found it amazing. On top of that this cookbook is for everyone not just beginners or experts like the other books. Furthermore, Steven Raichlen, the author of the book provides you with 100 recipes that are not provided by anyone.

He provides you not only with recipes but also techniques for hot-smoking, cold-smoking and much more. Plus it provides a step by step guide for easy understanding which makes it the best smoker cookbook.

And what will be the best smoker cookbook in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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