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Weber Summit vs. Napoleon Prestige Pro

Weber summit vs napoleon prestige pro

Summertime means time for fun, friends, and most importantly, food. When we hear of summer food, we immediately think of grilling. Having a barbecue is one of the best ways to cherish time with your loved ones. However, if you are one of the hosts then getting the best grill is necessary for you.

The Weber Summit vs. Napoleon Prestige Pro is indubitably a big debate. Check out as we compare both of them to find out the best.

History of Weber

Weber’s first success was the original grilling kettle. In the early 1950s, George Stephen came up with the design, which worked wonders. Soon everyone in the neighborhood was talking about this kettle.

Stephen was co-owner of Weber Bros. Metal Works. He was a smart man and quickly got the patent. This kettle was now one of the top-selling items. Later, Stephen bought out the Weber factory and introduced different grilling options. Today, Weber is the most popular name in the market when it comes to grilling. People rely on Weber all around the world.

History of Napoleon

Napoleon began in 1976 in a garage. Wolfgang Schroeter was an immigrant and he had his steel fabrication business. His main business was making steel railings for farmers. However, things changed when his father-in-law wanted a wood stove. This wood stove was the turning point for him.

The stove was such a big hit that he hired five people to work with him. Their aim was good quality products and maximum convenience. By 1981, Wolf Steel became Napoleon. Manufacturers sent the items to over 34 countries for distribution and successful sales.

The hard work paid off because today Napoleon is a leading name in barbecue accessories and items. Popularity shows the trust of their loyal customers. Their objective to provide good quality products is still their number one target, which they achieve with every sale.


Now that we know about the roots of both companies, it is time to see them in detail. Both of them are strong names in the market. Check out the specialties of Weber vs. Napoleon.

Weber specialties

There is no question in the specialties of Weber. Weber is popular for everything to do with grilling. They have grills for home kitchens and also for restaurants. The trust that customers put on Weber is because of their innovation and endless range. Weber is also popular for the accessories. They have everything including aprons, utensils, and add-ons for your Weber grills.

Weber dedicates its entire energy to barbecuing. Because of this, all their products have a special focus on them.

Napoleon specialties

Napoleon is perfect for the outdoors. Those who love camping, know Napoleon very well. You have all things outdoors with Napoleon which is their expertise.

Apart from various kinds of grills, Napoleon specializes in outdoor heating systems, outdoor kitchens, and more. When they began, their aim was good quality and customer satisfaction. To date, they work on their quality that depicts their purpose. People rely on Napoleon because they know simple products are long-lasting.

Comparison: Weber Summit vs. Napoleon Prestige Pro

ModelWeber Summit S-670 Natural Gas GrillNapoleon Prestige PRO 665 Propane Gas Grill
No. of Burners65
Total cooking area838 sq. inch1140 sq. inch
Serving size9-10 adults11-12 adults
Power SourceNatural GasLiquid Propane
Product Dimensions30 x 74.1 x 57.1 inches25.5 x 76.75 x 51 inches
Weight170 Pounds334 Pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Weber 7470001 Summit S-670 Natural Gas Grill

Weber Summit is seamless for people who love to host barbecue parties with lots of friends and family. The style of this grill is perfect for patios, backyards, and even professional kitchens. There are six main burners. The cooking area is about 693 square inches. To help you with the buns and bread, there is a warming rack. This rack is 145 square inches. There are two types of this grill. This is the one running with natural gas, but there is a type for liquid propane. For natural gas connection, there is a 120-inch hose.

The cooking grates are stainless steel, which is durable and easy to maintain. There are several controls to ensure the temperature that varies throughout this grill. This feature allows you to cook vegetables on one end and the meat on the other. The temperatures will not collide. The total BTU per hour is 60,000.

For storage, there are two stainless steel doors for cabinets. You can store all your essentials and equipment in one place. There are also six hooks to hang your utensils. These will help you grab anything you want on the go without having to run here and there.

There is a lid to easily close and smoke the food. The lid has a temperature gauge to ensure that food cooks at the right temperature. You have a sear station and a rotisserie burner to give variety to your cooking.

There are flavorizer bars as well. When the grease falls off, instead of wasting, the bars sizzle it. Overall, this grill keeps on giving with a capacity of about 24 burgers at a time.

Notable features:

  • Flavorizer bars help make the food more delicious
  • Six main burners with 60,000 BTU
  • Several different temperature knobs
  • Temperature gauge
  • Stainless steel grates
  • Warming rack
  • Storage cabinet
  • Different liquid propane and natural gas units available

The Most Important Weber Grill Accessories

Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO Propane Gas Grill

Napoleon Prestige Pro is a great competitor to Weber Summit. They may look alike but they have their own features. Napoleon is a neat design. It makes the perfect home on your patio and even in a restaurant. Although it is big, but not bulky. You have options for natural gas and liquid propane products. The whole body is stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and durable. It gives 99,000 BTU from five different stainless-steel burners.

There are two side sizzling zones which are infrared burners, that work best for sizzling because of the control on the temperatures. There is an infrared rotisserie in this grill for a variety of cooking. The cooking grates are stainless steel for best and longest results.

There is a separate smoker tray, which ensures the smoky taste of the food. The lid has a rolling feature to ensure easy lifting. There is a thermometer as well on top to assure the temperature control.

There are multiple cooking knobs so that the temperature varies in the whole space. You have 1140 square inches of cooking space. You can work with veggies on one end and meat on the other. The knobs have an infrared light to see them in the dark as well.

There are two steel doors with a cabinet behind them, perfect for storage. You can keep everything in one place for better organization.

Notable features:

  • Storage cabinet with two doors
  • Separate space for smoking food
  • The separate sizzling area with infrared burners
  • Easy to lift the lid
  • Variations of heat
  • 1140 square inches of cooking space
  • Infrared rotisserie

The Most Important Napoleon Grill Accessories

Which product is for whom?

In this debate of Weber Summit vs. Napoleon Prestige Pro, it is not easy to pick the best. Both work wonders at homes and workplaces. However, they still have a special target audience according to their distinctive features. Check out which one will suit you the most.

The Weber Summit Grill is a great design with many features. It holds up to 24 burgers simultaneously. You also have a side burner and plenty of other features. One of the best things is the storage options. There is a cabinet, hooks on the side and an enclosed tank storage area. For all these reasons, the Weber Summit is perfect for business use.

If you have a restaurant – small or big – this grill is perfect for you. It will never let you run here and there in the kitchen. You have one professional grill at all times to carry your stuff and make flawless food.

When we speak of the Napoleon Prestige Pro, it comes close to the Weber product in features. They are almost alike and work great anywhere. However, the major difference is the bulkiness. The structure of Napoleon’s Prestige Pro is impeccable. It is big and has all the features. However, it is not very bulky which makes it great for homes. You can set it in your patio or your backyard and enjoy barbecuing. It is especially great for people who host big parties quite often.


Looking closely, we realize they are fairly identical. They have the same look, features, and the same style. However, one is slightly better. After careful contemplation, we have concluded: Napoleon Prestige Pro is better for us than Weber Summit. The top reason is its size and neat look. Even though it is great for homes, it works well for restaurants with smaller kitchens as well.

However, you may not agree with our decision. You may find something in the Weber Summit that floats your boat better. Grilling is a personal experience and you should choose the one, which meets your expectations. In the end, it is about what works great for you!

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