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Weber Summit Charcoal vs. Kamado Joe

Weber summit charcoal vs Kamado joe

It is always difficult to choose the right option when there are numerous models available on the market. Are you looking for a charcoal grill and confused about Weber Summit Charcoal vs. Kamado Joe models…?

This post will help you in this regard. Here we are going to compare charcoal grills from both brands. Their history, specialty, and other performance facts will make it easier for you to select an appropriate option.

It is a fact that both companies have something remarkable to offer when you talk about these charcoal grills. The versatility, efficient heating, and enough cooking space stop you from going for any other grill.

So, continue reading to know which grill can satisfy all your requirements.

Comparison: Weber Summit Charcoal vs. Kamado Joe

ModelWeber Summit Charcoal GrillKamado Joe, Big Joe II Charcoal Grill
Total cooking area452 sq. inch452 sq. inch
Power SourceCharcoalCharcoal
Product Dimensions45.5 x 39.5 x 35.8 inches33.5 x 33.5 x 39.37 inches
Weight114 pounds394 pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Industry history

Before proceeding to the actual Weber Summit Charcoal vs. Kamado Joe comparison, let’s first look at the history of both brands.


Weber is one of the very old names in the world of BBQ. It all started decades ago in the year 1952. The passion of the founder George Stephen laid the base of Weber’s industry. He simply wanted to make a perfect steak for his friends and family.

That’s how the first Weber kettle grill came into existence. Later on, the struggle and passion continued showing their results in the form of innovative Weber grills and other products.

Today, Weber has marked its name as a trustworthy grill brand. Its products bring innovation, effortlessness, and scrumptious taste to BBQ parties.

Kamado Joe

Unlike Weber, Kamado Joe is quite a new name in the grill industry. Also, this company has kept its focus majorly on kamado grills only. So, it entered the BBQ world with its first kamado grills product line back in 2009.

The founder of this company is Bobby Brennan. It is based in Georgia. Though it is quite a young company, it has made a good reputation with its good quality grills and their distinctive features.

The red color makes Kamado Joe grills unique from others. This company is also known for delivering grilling accessories along with the grill without any additional charges.


The next point, we’ll discuss in Weber Summit Charcoal vs. Kamado Joe comparison is the specialty of both brands. As we already know, both products are good for delivering practical products. Yet, what exactly makes them different, we’ll discuss here.


Weber is quite a trustworthy name for its durable products. If you are buying a Weber grill, you can stay sure of its high-quality. It is going to serve you for a prolonged time.

Besides sturdiness, Weber also brings innovation and numerous easy-to-use features for its users. We have already discussed, the company started with the aim of preparing the flawless grilled food.

Thus, you can expect the same specialty from its products. They will assist you in making that perfect steak you’ve been longing for.

Kamado Joe

This brand started by keeping its focus on kamado grills. Though it is comparatively a new brand, we can’t doubt the quality it delivers. We always like their durability.

Its specialty exists in its strong built, innovation, and versatility. With that prominent red color, its grills bring ground-breaking features to add more fun to your BBQ gatherings.

Weber 18301001 Summit Charcoal Grill

Weber has introduced the Summit Charcoal grill to give versatility with greater ease of use. And no one can doubt the taste of the meal when it comes to Weber grills.

This multi-purpose grill not only saves the space but the trouble of managing various pots. You can consider it a kind of hybrid form of a standard grill and kamado grill.

It is constructed using porcelain-enameled steel. However, the great thing is its double-walled air insulation. It helps in retaining heat and providing full-day smoking at a consistent temperature.

This material also makes it lighter in weight. Its grilling system is versatile and you can adjust its cooking grates to makes different types of meals. It allows searing, smoking, and baking, all in one product.

It lets you perform high and low heating temperature. This feature is what distinguishes it among other products available on the market.

Besides, it also comes equipped with a porcelain-enameled lid. It assists in retaining heat along with protecting grill from outside elements.

If you are concerned about appearance, it has marvelous looks. Its exterior is shiny black that makes it look elegant among other charcoal grills.

Moreover, it has a sturdy construction. Its lid hinge, wheels, and stand are strong and keep your grill stable while you are busy preparing a scrumptious meal.

Usually, it gets very difficult to light up a charcoal grill. However, it wouldn’t be a case with this Weber Summit grill. The gas ignition system makes it quite easy to light. It’s just easy as pushing a button and your grill would be all ready to serve you.

Furthermore, it offers enough cooking space. Yet, because of its round shape, it won’t ask for ample space. You can save just a few square inches, unlike other rectangular grills. This cooking space would be enough for you to host gatherings.

As we have already mentioned about its versatility; its axis allows you to reach the charcoal portion while cooking. Also, you can remove its center part to add any other cool attachments. With its hinged deflector and charcoal baskets, you can have various temperature zones.

Besides ignition, cleaning this grill is also very simple. You’d just need to move the handle back and forth, and ash would be stockpiled in a collection chamber.

All these features undoubtedly make it one of the best charcoal grills available on the market.

Notable features:

  • Lightweight as compared to ceramic grills.
  • Versatile cooking options.
  • Asks for effortless maintenance.
  • Quite easy to use.
  • Comes with 10 years limited warranty.
  • Dual walled insulation to retain heat.

The Most Important Weber Grill Accessories

Kamado Joe BJ24RHC Big Joe II Charcoal Grill

This kamado grill is made by the company whose major focus is this type of grills. So, it offers remarkable performance.

You can buy Big Joe II if you are looking for some real big grilling option. What else? It can also be great to offer some versatile cooking options.

It offers 24-inch diameter of cooking area. However, with its grill expander and two sets of grates, you can enhance the whole cooking surface. Thus, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to host big parties at your place. This kamado is going to handle everything smoothly.

Its body is constructed using premium ceramic. It helps in retaining heat and moisture along delivering heat to your whole cooking process efficiently.

Another remarkable attribute of this grill is its versatility and innovation. It allows you to make a variety of food options using one grill. This feature is helpful not only in saving space but bringing variety to your meals. Thus, you can grill, smoke, and bake altogether.

For this flexibility, it has a exclusive Divide and Conquer cooking system. It has an innovative multi-level and half-rack design. It lets you control the temperature of various regions differently.

Moreover, it also contains aluminum top-vent that is rust-proof. It gives you the freedom to adjust the temperature according to your requirements. Besides, it is rain-proof and weather-resistant as well.

It also makes maintenance quite easier with its slide-out ash drawer. Ashes can be removed conveniently.

When you are busy cooking, it can be difficult to put the lid back or up smoothly. Kamado Joe understands the struggle. Thus, it offers an air lift hinge that prevents the dome from slamming. Furthermore, it reduces the dome weight by almost 96%.

This kamado also contains a self-activating lock that is made of stainless steel. It helps in locking heat inside along with wire mesh fiberglass gasket.

All these amazing features put Kamado Joe Big Joe II on the upper end of the competition.

Notable features:

  • Adequate warranty.
  • Versatile cooking options.
  • Large cooking space.
  • Retains heat and moisture.

The Most Important Kamado Joe Grill Accessories

Weber Summit Charcoal vs. Kamado Joe - Which product is for whom?

We have discussed various points of the Weber Summit Charcoal vs. Kamado Joe’s comparison. By reading them, you may compare the similarities and differences.

From the shape to various major benefits, both products are by no means less important to others. Both charcoal grills offer versatile cooking options with enough space. They also give ease of use along with easy maintenance.

Kamado Joe has ceramic construction for efficient heating, and Weber Summit compensates it with dual-walled insulation. Summit charcoal grill is lighter in weight, whereas Kamado Joe has air lift hinge to handle it better.

So, which option should you choose? The answer completely depends on your preferences. Are you a person who likes trying new and innovative products? If yes, you might like Big Joe II. However, if you are behind the brand’s reputation, no one can beat the reliable name of Weber grills.

Likewise, Summit is appropriate, if you want something lightweight that is also attractive as well.


There you have it! We have discussed Weber Summit Charcoal vs. Kamado Joe in detail. The purpose behind was to help you in choosing the right option for your needs.

After evaluating their various features, we can see, both of them are outstanding grills. They offer durability, versatility along with ease of use and maintenance.

If innovative design and features are what you want, Kamado Joe is for you. But, if a trustworthy name, sturdiness, and lightweight grill is your priority, Weber can be a perfect option.

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