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The Best Charcoal Grill Stand You can Own in 2022

Best charcoal grill stand

Outdoor activities shouldn’t be a burden, but of course, it needs preparation to ensure that stomachs will be filled. Cooking is one of the most daunting yet pleasurable experiences of all. But it doesn’t have to be a hassle. This is why it is good to invest in the best charcoal grill stand that you can use. The following list features five of these charcoal grill stands, and all of them guarantee robust durable design.

The Top 5 Charcoal Grill Stands in 2022

Grill Stand NameMaterial typeWeightDimensionsPrice
Camp Chef Camp Table with Legs 32"Steel12.3 lbs.33.2x6.5x15 in Check Price
Weber Portable Charcoal TableSteel16 lbs.20.2x4.1x32.7 in Check Price
Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf CartStainless steel flattop27.1 lbs.39.4x23.2x31.9 in Check Price
Giantex Folding Grill Table with Storage ShelfAluminum and Steel21 lbs.57.5x18x44 in Check Price
Giantex Aluminum Folding Grill TableAluminum and Steel17 lbs.57.5x18x32 in Check Price

Charcoal Grill Stand #1:

  • Are you wishing to provide the perfect and most versatile companion to the table top? The Camp Chef Table is definitely the answer. Weighing 12.33 pounds with dimensions of 33.2 x 6.5 x 15 inches, it can accommodate two 14-inch Dutch ovens with its cooking surface measuring for about 32-by-14-inch (W x D).
  • You wouldn’t need to cram on space while eating breakfast in bed because it provides serving space to keep your food from falling. It is an alluring accessory to your free standing stove. You can acquire side shelves to provide more space.
  • If you’re the kind of person who keeps many tools for cooking then this camp table will provide plenty of space than necessary. Eating outdoors enhances eating experience. This is what motivates the Camp Chef to keep this in mind when designing a selection of campwares made for versatility and ensuring good cooking quality.
  • Do you love cooking but worried about your aching back when you do? Don’t worry because the Camp Chef Large Dutch Oven Table would allow you to cook all you want without bending over.
  • It is truly versatile to keep around because you can use it when you are grilling on the back patio, if you are in a picnic, or if you are at a camping.
  • Aside from being versatile, its construction is also sturdy and safe to use with charcoal. Other features include a stable base brought by tubular steel legs, rear panels for protections from the wind, and you can also avail of the optional side shelves for more space, though it is sold separately.

Charcoal Grill Stand #2:

  • The Weber Portable Charcoal Table would be a good companion to any camper because it is easy to set up and can be stored flatly. Weighing 16 pounds with dimensions of 20.2 x 4.1 x 32.7 inches, it also guarantees locking the legs in place, so you wouldn’t worry about it moving while you are cooking.
  • It is designed to fit with Weber portable grills and is carefully curated to fit in with many charcoal grills including Smokey Joe Silver charcoal grill, Smokey Joe Gold charcoal grill, Jumbo Joe charcoal grill, Go-Anywhere charcoal grill, and Go-Anywhere gas grill.
  • If you’re the type to move a lot and would want to access your equipment easily then the Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Movable Dining Cart Table is the perfect cart table that could work for you. The directional wheels and guiding handle would allow you to move around without any hassle.
  • Weighing 27.1 pounds with dimensions of 39.4 x 23.2 x 31.9 inches, you can now own a versatile compliment in your backyard, where you’ll be enjoying BBQ parties and other fun events. Aside from its versatility, this cart is constructed with utmost durability to avoid early fracture and rusting. But of course, it could all be achieved with consistent maintenance.
  • With its stainless-steel tabletop measuring 659 sq. in., it could bear a weight of 100 lbs. This considerable weight is enough for your daily needs. If you would need to store more essentials, it could provide additional space needed because the bottom shelf offers extra layers.
  • Because it could provide a mounting bracket for gas cylinders of up to 20 lbs., it could be used perfectly with portable grills or griddles. It is also easy to clean up after use as you can wipe its black overall coating with a damp cloth. Other features that guarantee sturdiness are four heavy-duty tube legs, with three horizontal tube supporters, enhances table’s sturdiness on any terrain.
  • The use of the multi-purpose guide handle allows you to organize your towels, cleaning tools, and moving the table away after you’re done.
  • The unit is made for organizing especially with its hooks— three chrome-plated hangers that are included in the delivery.
  • When you’re talking about camping, it might ring discomfort because it means outdoors. Being outdoors entail being away from the comforts of your home especially when it comes to what you will use to cook your food. Don’t worry anymore because Giantex Folding Grill Table will allow you to retain your comfortable home experience even if you’re in an outdoor adventure.
  • Measuring 57.5 x 18 x 44 inches, it is equipped with sturdy aluminum tubes, heat-resistant aluminum and moisture-resistant MDF board while at the same time ensuring durability and stability, so it will last for a long time.
  • You can also store various essentials at the lower shelf and in the zippered bag. These zippered bags would ensure protection from animals that might eat your food. You could put your essentials on its large top surface area and two side tables. The equipment also includes a steel windscreen that can block the wind for heat retention and faster cooking.
  • You can now have a camping table with a folding design, making it portable and at the same time, save space. You wouldn’t need to hassle when it comes to setting it up because you could do it under a minute.
  • Giantex Aluminum Folding Grill Table would be an answer to all of your convenience for portability, versatility, space-saving, and convenient setting up in under a minute.
  • It’s versatile with its additional built-in hooks and paper towel holder on the side to hold all of your essentials. This becomes easy for you when it comes to storing. With its large top surface area, you can now put enough necessities on it.
  • Weighing mere 17 pounds, it is easy to transport and store when folded compactly. It is very convenient to operate aside from its sturdy and durable design.

Versatility and portability

Just like any other equipment, a grill stand has to embody many features including portability, versatility, and space-saving features. When choosing one, make sure that you can set it up under a minute and that it is light weighted for you to move around.
Other features that you should take note of are the size of the top surface where you put your necessities on, considering if it could be enough for you to fit all of your things on it. Then there are the hooks and all of the shelves. One equipment in the list also mentioned about featuring a zippered bag that could keep away all animals from eating your food.
Whatever you may choose, it must fit all of your needs.

And what will be the best charcoal grill stand in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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