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How Old is My Weber Grill?

How old is my weber grill

Weber grills are iconic right from the beginning in 1952. They started with the original kettle grill. Years after, the brand produced some high-quality products that continue to perform for a long time. The brand became a household name, and no matter which neighborhood you are in, you will see a Weber branded grill just around the corner.

And it’s not limited to the US. The brand has expanded its roots to other countries as well, across the globe and it has truly become a force to reckon with in the world of barbecue. Thus, it is all due to the high-quality materials that the company uses in making these grills.

You might have been using a grill as a part of your household when your grandparents were in charge of your kitchen. And as a result, you might end up thinking how old is my Weber grill?

How old is my weber grill

Weber history

After the Second World War, the trend of low-slow cooking was diminishing and this era saw the rise of fast cooking procedures. The suburbs were transferring into entertaining outdoors. But rain and winds could create a problem as the food would lose all its charm and taste, thus, turned into a huge disappointment.

But George Stephen Sr. got it all sorted out one day when he chopped a buoy into two halves and then added some air vents to it. The legs were added and the first-ever Weber kettle came into existence. This kettle created the most amazing taste and soon everyone wanted it and the company was born. The backyard cooking revolution was on its way.

How Weber keeps the record?

Since 1979, each of these grills come with a serial number and there are one or two letters in each serial. The letters are followed by seven numbers. These numbers also include leading zeros for wood and gas grills. The code is printed on the data label of these grills.

The Gas Go-Anywhere Series has these codes embossed in the burner tube. The current models of the charcoal grills also use the same format and the numbers are printed on their dampers. The older models might have the letters without the numbers on their dampers.


From the year 2013, Weber started using a serial number right above the date code but from 2015, the date code was dropped. Now, the grills would come with the serial number with a prefix starting from C.

2013 → CN#######

2014 → CS#######

2015 → CU#######

2016 → CM#######

2017 → CA#######

2018 → CB#######

2019 → CL#######

2020 → CE#######

From 1994 gas grills and charcoal grills adopted a code using the word “AUTHORIZED” as key with 6 or 7 serial numbers.


1994: EH      2000: DD      2006: DR      2012: AU      2018: AZ

1995: EO      2001: DA      2007: DI       2013: AT       2019: AE

1996: ER      2002: DU      2008: DZ      2014: AH      2020: UD

1997: EI       2003: DT       2009: DE      2015: AO

1998: EZ      2004: DH      2010: AD      2016: AR

1999: EE      2005: DO      2011: AA      2017: AI

Some Weber gas grills came with the following code from 2005 to 2018:


2005: HK       2009: HX       2013: BA        2017: BM

2006: HS       2010: BH       2014: BQ        2018: BI

2007: HM      2011: BB       2015: BK

2008: HI        2012: BL        2016: BS

In 2007, Weber introduced a new code for their Spirit E-210 and Spirit E-310 grills.


2007: NT        2011: DD        2015: DY

2008: NI         2012: DE         2016: DP

2009: NO        2013: DC        2017: DT

2010: DN        2014: DR        2018: DI

Weber started using a new code on some of the Spirit and Genesis grills from 2012.


2012: GI          2016: GO

2013: GV         2017: GY

2014: GE         2018: GN

2015: GJ         2019: GU

From 2013, Weber started using another code on their Go-Anywhere Gas Grill.


2012: CO         2016: CM

2013: CN         2017: CA

2014: CS         2018: CB

2015: CU         2019: CL

What about the models prior to 1979?

As we have mentioned, the serial numbers began in 1979, and before that the models were only segregated with a few key elements associated with the appearance and different materials. We are going to highlight the most prominent ones for you in the following points.

  • Original grills known as George’s Bar B Q Kettle were half-cut buoys for three years (1952 to 1955).
  • The new design (which resembles the one that we see today) was introduced in 1956 to 1963.
  • A solid metal base with a triangular shape and wheels were added.
  • In 1964, Weber introduced a wooden handle instead of the metal handle.
  • The legs were made of aluminum.
  • In 1967, Weber introduced Seville, a grill with a wheeled metal cart.
  • Weber used friction leg sockets from 1969 to 1972.
  • The company also filed a patent in 1972 and stamped the new models “PATENT PENDING”.
  • From 1973 to 1976, Weber started using patent number 3538906.
  • During this time the single bowl tabs for the vents were changed to large dual tabs.
  • In 1977, the vents started to come with the logo, patent number, and the location address of the company embossed on the vents.
  • Plastic wheels with the name Weber on it were introduced later.
  • In 1978 the embodiment of the company names on the vents became much prominent while other details remained the same.
How old is my weber grill

Does that huge dot in the vent’s center signify anything?

Some models from 2013 also come with a huge dot right in the center of the vent and inside the logo “b” of the “Weber”. That dot signifies that the grill was a pre-production model and it was not intended for retail sales.


So, you might be thinking: “why would I need to know how old is my Weber grill?” And that’s a good question! But some of these grills were not bought by their owners, rather they were passed on from one generation to another.

However, if you are looking to shine your Weber grill up or looking for a replacement and can’t get a hold of your serial number especially if it’s an old unit, you must find out how old it is.

These Weber grills are now considered to be part of heritage. Since Weber has been so influential in the world of BBQ, most people go for its vintage collection.

If you show these grills some love, they will continue to perform well for a very long time.

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