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Best 30-inch Charcoal Grills in 2021

Best 30 inch charcoal grill

Grilling is one of the best traditions of meal parties. It’s an art and of course, all artists need brushes and palette. When it comes to grilling, the palette is the grill. True grillers know that getting the right charcoal grill helps in making juicy and the most succulent food.

In this review article, we will tell you about the best 30-inch charcoal grills on the market. Check out our list of tested products and their reviews in detail.

Follow our comparison table to get a better idea of what suits you the best. Read our in-depth reviews to make an informed decision.

The Top 5 Best 30-inch Charcoal Grills in 2021

Product MaterialSizePrice
BBQ Charcoal GrillPorcelain-enameled55.1 x 27.2 x 48.4 inches Check Price
Char-Broil Offset Smoker, 30"Porcelain-enameled54.3 x 43.9 x 22.7 inches Check Price
Charcoal Grill with Offset SmokerBlack enamel coating45.3 x 26.8 x 48 inches Check Price
Gaucho Santa Maria GrillStainless steelN/A Check Price
Built-in Open Top Charcoal GrillStainless steelN/A Check Price

30-inch Charcoal Grill #1:

  • Royal Gourmet 30-inch Charcoal Grill is ideal to help you make your grilling experience best. The cooking surface comes with a porcelain coating that allows for easy maintenance and nonstick properties. Porcelain also allows for equal distribution of heat.
  • This is not only a grill but also a smoker. This modern-looking charcoal grill actually has features to make it easy to use. One unique feature in this grill is the ability to manage the distance between charcoal and food.
  • Apart from this, there is a side fire box which is a huge help. The temperature gauge helps you keep the food juicy and well cooked. You will also find an ashtray which stockpiles the trash and maintains the grill overall.
  • Several different functions help you cook food conveniently and safely. The side hooks help in accommodating your utensils for storage. Moreover, there is a storage rack at the bottom of the grill to ensure that you have at least some space to put your things.
  • Even though the design is bulky, it is still portable. The wheels allow you to drag it anywhere you like. The other two legs don’t have wheels to keep it stable as well. To top of all the features, there is a warming rack which is chrome plated.

30-inch Charcoal Grill #2:

  • Char-Broil Offset Smoker is another one in our list of the best 30-inch charcoal grills. This grill offers you room for about 24 burgers at a time for bulk cooking in minimum time. The porcelain grates further help this cause by ensuring proper heat division. The entire body is made of sturdy steel in high quality.
  • It also comes with a temperature gauge to manage the temperature. There is a smoke chamber like a little chimney. Once it reduces air draft the heat is controllable and so is the temperature. No more burns or dry food with charcoal cooking.
  • Even though this is mostly a smoker, it works as a chargrill too. To accommodate the cook, there are storage places as well. The side shelf helps in making the grill easier to use. There is also a bottom storage rack which helps in keeping food and other important items. There are also 8-inch wheels to ensure portability. Besides the two front wheels, the rest of the legs are stable to keep the grill in place.
  • This is an easy to clean system. The firebox has an ash door to keep rid of the extra ash and throw it away without any nuisance. The whole construction of the product ensures that the food cooks well in its flavors. With the modern approach, this is a perfect big camp smoker and grill.

30-inch Charcoal Grill #3:

  • Royal Gourmet CC1830F Charcoal Grill is another product of Royal Gourmet. Though this grill looks almost the same, there are many different features in this. One of the best parts of this grill is that it is easy to assemble without any professional help. Some grills may require some professional assistance which may annoy the user.
  • One great feature that you will find in this charcoal grill is its portability and the adjustment of heat. The handles allow you to lift the grill to different levels from the charcoal. This feature allows you to adjust the heat levels easily. However, if you want to control the heat, the thermometer on the lid will help you. There is also an air vent on this system to ensure better air flows. This feature assures the safety and maximum control on the chargrill.
  • There is a smoker with this charcoal grill as well. The cooking grates are porcelain-coated which makes them evenly heated. The grates also possess some nonstick qualities. There is a warming rack made of chrome. To wrap it up, the body is heat resistant and does not deteriorate over time. This grill is specifically made to keep the safety of the user.

30-inch Charcoal Grill #4:

  • Nuke Pampa02 Charcoal Grill is a unique Argentinian style grill. It is indeed another enchanting 30-inch charcoal grill which makes it amazing because of its simplicity. There are no fancy features or fancy designs. It is simple and very effective and specially made for easy use. There are about 475 square inches of cooking space on this grill. The size is medium and works best for people who occasionally like to throw barbecue parties for small gatherings.
  • This charcoal grill has a drawer like structure. This structure allows you to easily put coal or wood into it. This feature allows safety without going near the hot grates to maintain the levels of coal. Another great feature is adjustable heat.
  • The height of the grate adjusts from 2 to about 6 inches. This allows you to control the food’s proximity to the heat and make your food accordingly. There is a side lever that allows you to adjust the height so you do not have to lift it. The base of the grill is heat refractory bricks. These help manage the heat evenly throughout the grates. In addition to it, its assembly is very easy.
  • This grill may not be very fancy, but it is definitely a great 30-inch charcoal grill around.

30-inch Charcoal Grill #5:

  • The 30-inch charcoal grill by Luxor Grills is another fascinating product that we came across. This simplistic design works wonders when it becomes part of your life. This grill is open on top. It is a perfect partner for your patio counter or your backyard. The construction material is stainless steel which makes the grill more durable and strong.
  • The size of this grill does not mean that it lacks features. In fact, the size works as a bonus for places that are not too spacious or for those people who do not want something huge all the time. It comes with a crank lift to lift or descend the grates. The height variations allow you to have control over the heat levels. You can cook food as per your convenience.
  • The cooking grates are also made of solid stainless steel that allows maximum durability. It is also easy to clean and maintain at all times. The door structure helps the user access the coals safely.
  • This small and effective design treats you with a traditional grilling experience all the time. It may not have many features, but the minimalistic approach is great for people who are contented with a good barbecue.

Why use charcoal grills?

The advancement of technology usually makes us these questions. Why go for something traditional when the better version is there?

Even though gas grills are easier to use and are common, there is something about charcoal grills that makes them worth it even today. There are plenty of different reasons, let us talk about them a little.

  • It tastes better: One of the biggest reasons; it tastes better. The droplets from the food just make flavorsome smoke and make the food juicier.
  • Portability: Charcoal grills are easy to carry anywhere as compared to the regular gas grills.
  • Safety: While this is an ongoing debate, it is safe to assume that charcoal grills are safer than gas grills. At least you do not have to worry about leakage and other problems.


Are you a charcoal grill person? If not, did this article convince you that even charcoal grills are advance these days? For us, the best one out of the lot is the Nuke Pampa02 Charcoal Grill. Of course, you may not agree with us as everyone has his requirements and preferences.

It is small and simple in design. However, it does not lack features at all. It has a lid, drawer, and even a lever for grate management. It really works for us.

So which one do you think works the best for you? Are you attracted to any of these?

And what will be the best 30-inch charcoal grill in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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