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What’s the Best Built-In Electric Grill in 2022?

Best built in electric grill

Many of us love to grill when we’re outdoors, and apartment-dwellers are no exception. While many people choose electric grills for apartments, there are also a few gas grills out there that will work for the patio just as well, if you’re looking for an authentic grilling experience. Of course, with an indoor electric grill like this, you’re going to need some serious countertop space as well as ventilation. Most manufacturers will sell a vent to go with the countertop. These grills can be used for who ever needs to be able to grill indoors or outdoors perfectly. It can be used as a griddle or a grill, cooking anything from a dozen hot dogs to an entire entrée of beef, vegetables, and even fruit.

Grills: 5 Top Rated Built-In Electric Grills 2022

If you’re looking for a built-in electric grill indoor, then look no further. We’ve taken some time to handpick your best bets for you. Of all the brands, Kenyon won out, ranking 4/5 of the top picks. Electri-Chef completed this list for us but this particular grill is meant for parties at sea.

  • This one is that works as an indoor grill as well as an outdoor grill. This built in electric grill cooktop is stainless steel that can heat quickly to about 600 degrees Fahrenheit in 10 minutes, which means you can be out at your pool bar, making breakfast, as soon as your family wakes up. The stainless steel has a lifetime guarantee to remain rust-free, and the grill also waterproof touch control panel for precise heat control in whatever the weather. This grill has a large amount of grilling space to work with.
  • This built-in grill is a smaller contact grill that can climb to 600 degrees in just ten minutes, making it a great addition to any indoor or outdoor kitchen. There is plenty of room to prepare meals for a family of four with no problem, and is a great way to both start the day and end the day when cooking anything from eggs to steak dinners. It is also very easy to clean once you’ve finished your meals with sponge and dish soap.
  • This built-in grill comes with a removable grate, giving it an authentic grilling vibe to it as you cook up your favorite meats. It offers enough space to cook dinner for 2- 4 people if you’re cooking one course at a time, otherwise you may want to opt for a larger model. This grill comes without a lid and can weather the outdoors on a patio or in other outdoor spots where it’s not directly exposed to the elements.
  • This built-in electric grill comes with a beautiful and hardy stainless steel lid, making it ideal for any barbeque meals that need to cook for a few hours. If you plan on smoking food, of course, you should keep this as an outdoors electric grill. Like the other models, it can heat to 600 degrees in just 10 minutes. It has a removable tray to collect drippings and a non-stick grill grate to make each meal feel more authentic.
  • This grill is a fierce competitor as a built-in grill, and it can cook a LOT on the stovetop. With 448 square inches as cooking space, you’ll always want to host large family gatherings on your boat. With solid steel cooking grids, this beautiful piece will fit in well on large boats such as yachts. It features a simple timer for all food in the center, and as an electric grill, takes just about 15 minutes to heat to your desired temperature. Then you can place the food you’re cooking on the removable grill plates, close the lid, and wait for the timer.

Cooking with Electric Grills

Electric grills are actually much safer to cook with than gas or charcoal grills. They also require less work and less maintenance. They can also function as a griddle that can cook, grill, and sauté almost anything from bread Paninis for lunch to a fancy steak dinner with all the trimmings. There’s a lot of freedom in owning a built-in electric grill; when indoors, your kitchen will always be able to grill up restaurant quality food.

The indoor grill also speeds up the cooking for chicken, pork, turkey or steak, making it easier to cook cuts of meat we may not try, otherwise. One of the biggest aspects of being a foodie is the ability to eat a variety of foods, and why should that be any different when you’re grilling on a built-in grill? Cooking your own food like this is a beautiful process, and on a large built-in grill like this, you’re cooking up some of the most aromatic meals of your life. Because this grill is a built-in, you can install it not only poolside but on yachts and in outdoor bar spots as well.

Summing it Up:

A built-in grill is a luxury that most homeowners and boat owners who host parties should explore. If you’re cooking for more than four people on a regular basis, or have a chef that prepares meals, then you’re really ready to explore the options when it comes to built-in electric grills.

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