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Choosing the Best Electric Grill with a Timer in 2022

Best electric grill with timer

Choosing an electric grill may seem difficult when you first look at the market. After all, there are dozens of models, for everything from grilling at your campus dorm to cooking for a large party of people. However, most of us know at least a little of what we want in a grill.

What good is a timer when it comes to cooking? Choosing an electric grill with a timer helps keep us accurate with our cooking, which is why so many people want a grill with more than just a light that turns on when our meal is supposedly ready.

While the George Foreman grill is the best-known model, it doesn’t typically feature a timer that shows minutes or different temperature gauges. It has a light that turns on when it’s time to put your food into it, and another light that turns on when the food is finished. Not much specificity in a Foreman grill. In other words, most Foreman grills are a bit basic when you’re looking for accuracy and optimum taste. The other grills below passed the quality test and all have timers that are built for accuracy and versatility. When you’re trying to step up your grilling game, these are some options to seriously consider.

Here are several of the best options with a timer on the market in 2022

Elecric Grill with Timer #1:

  • This is a serious electric grill with timer that can make many happy meals for a couple or small family. It has a sear function that goes up to 500 degrees, which is a rarity when it comes to electric grills. You can only sear for 2 minutes at a time, which will prevent you from burning your food. You also have 6 cooking options to start out with, including a contact grill, Panini press, full griddle, full grill, half grill/half griddle, and a top melt. It folds up easily for storage and features easy to clean, nonstick plates.

Electric Grill with Timer #2:

  • This electric grill with timer comes in two sizes, one that fits 2 servings and another that fits 4. Whichever your choice, this is an excellent grill to consider. The manufacturers claim this is the first electric indoor grill that cooks by adapting its grilling cycles to the thickness of the foods. Whether or not this is true, it does have a very accurate timer with 6 automatic cooking programs for burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, red meat and fish. You can easily monitor the cooking process through a number of features. First, it has preheating and ready indicator lights. Once you’ve chosen your program, it then lets off several audible beeps for rare, medium, and well done. There is also a manual mode to overwrite the settings. The one complaint about this model? The beeps can be loud, and for safety purposes, you can’t turn them off.
  • There are two versions of this electric grill with timer. One has an open barbecue, while the other has a waffle maker. Choose whichever you like best! Otherwise, this model treats you to 5 cooking functions, including a contact grill & Panini press, an open full grill, an open full griddle, and a half grill/half griddle setup. There is a lot of versatility in this grill and a digital control LED panel with two knobs to set the temperatures. It also features removable, dishwasher safe die-cast plates that you can easily pop out when it’s cooled for easy cleaning.

Electric Grill with Timer #4:

  • This great little foldout electric grill with timer offers a lot in a small package that you can use to grill steak, hamburgers, BBQ and fish. The unique vertical grill rack allows you to cook either horizontally or vertically, which means you can also create some fabulous sandwiches when the clamshell is closed up. This little BBQ grill is built for the countertop, and it looks handsome when it claims its space. You can season any creations and then place your meat into the electric griddle’s vertical roasting rack. This grill gives you more control over temperature than most by using an adjustable rotary timer. The electric griddle grill has a thermostat range of 140-464 °F and you can cook for up to an hour at a time, no problem.
  • The Oster brand puts out a lot of great models, and this quick-cooking selection is sure to please when you want a timer that works. This electric grill with timer lets you cook almost any dish, from breakfast sausage to steak for dinner, within just 7 minutes, cooking up to 20% faster than other nonstick surfaces. The digital timer counts down as your food cooks, and the drippings are gathered into a tray for easy disposal. The nonstick coating makes fore easy clean up and you can pop the drip tray in the dishwasher.

Summing it Up:

Using an electric grill is easy once you’ve gotten to know the product. The only way to do this is to first follow the directions, then keep cooking and tweaking until your food is cooked the way you love it. An accurate timer with an accurate temperature gauge can give you an upper hand, letting you experiment with recipes while you’re cooking at the exactly correct temperature, for the exact amount of time.

Not sure what kinds of things you can cook up on your fabulous new grill? If you want electric grill barbecue recipes, try some of these grilling recipes at Genius Kitchen. Or if you want to try your hands at something even more electric-grill-specific, see this book of 125 awesome electric grilling recipes that you can try out on your new appliance. You’re about to enter a wonderful new stage of cooking, so learn and learn to love all the possibilities your electric grill has to offer you.

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