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Choosing the Best Electric Grill with Wood Chips in 2022

Best electric grill with wood chips

One of the biggest reasons that people avoid electric grills is because they prefer the authenticity of the smoky flavor that they believe only a fire or gas grill can provide. If this is the reason you haven’t purchased an electric grill, then the electric grill that’s outfitted with wood chips will prove you dead wrong. When you’ve chosen the best electric grill with wood chips for your cooking needs, you’ll hardly know the difference between a fire grill and the food you’re cooking. If you’re wondering how to get charcoal flavor on an electric grill, using wood chips is one of the easiest ways to do this.

Benefits of Electric Grills with Wood Chips

The food you cook on an electric grill with wood chips can taste as authentic as you can get without leaving the kitchen. After all, electric grills that do a bit of smoking with chips can create a great flavor for your meats. Imagine, authentic barbecue flavor from just an hour or so of cooking! Using wood chips on an electric grill can really bring out the flavor regular electric grills sometimes lack. You may want to try an electric grill with a smoker box for a charcoal flavor if you’re really trying to get some juicy BBQ flavor, too.

If you’re an apartment or condo dweller, you’ll be happy to know that these type of grills are the type that you’re allowed to own – and you can enjoy them without the mess of a charcoal grill.

Even better, they’re fire regulation friendly; there’s no open flame or torrent of smoke while you’re cooking. Your apartment management will probably explain that these are also the type of grills that are truly regulation-friendly, which makes them ideal for days you feel like entertaining, too. Perfect for an indoor grill charcoal taste that’s sure to please.

Top 5 Recommended Electric Wood Chips Grills in 2022:

Electric Grill with Wood Chips #1:

  • This compact electric grill with wood chips is perfect for outdoor usage, and its small size makes it easy to store indoors come winter. Portable, with 176 square inches of cooking space, this is also a great option for tailgating or simply cooking on vacation. The cord itself isn’t very long, so you will want to use an extension cord if the outlet is far from what you’re cooking. This can be used safely outdoors only, and will stay cool enough to use on a picnic table.
  • If you’re looking for a true electric smoker with wood chips, this might be the model for you. This smoker features 351 square inches of cooking space. It also features an extra-large 5.5-quart water pan, which helps perfect the slow-cooking process. This is what makes your food juicy and tender as you cook. Beware: this model is quite heavy duty, with a relatively larger size grill, only meant for those among us who want to have a real barbecue that cooks all day. You can also cook a large volume of food in this electric smoker, which has two shelves. This is also an outdoor appliance; it’s tough enough to withstand the weather when not in use, and simply too bulky to bring indoors anyway.

Electric Grill with Wood Chips #3:

  • This model is another electric smoker that’s sure to please those looking for that authentic smoky flavor provided by wood chips. A popular model, this smoker has a tray that’s removable for wood chips, and another tray that collects fat drippings to keep things neat and tidy. It also features 395 sq. inches of cooking space on two porcelain coated smoking racks, giving you space for tailgating or other get togethers.
  • Similar to the other smokers, this one has two shelves, but gives you the added pleasure of watching your food cook so that you can tweak it to perfection. You can use this electric grill indoors, which is another great quality for those of us who live in inclement climates. It also features 3 shelves instead of just two. If you’re looking for a charcoal flavor in oven, this will suit you well.

Electric Grill with Wood Chips #5:

  • With three shelves, this electric smoker provides 443 sq. in. of smoking area, on three chrome-plated shelves. It also has a 3-in-1 tray that incorporates a water pan, wood chip box and grease tray into one compartment, perfect for after-meal cleanup. A digital temperature control helps you keep things perfect.

What Kind of Wood Chips Work With Electric Grills?

There are actually a lot of flavors of wood chips, and your mileage may vary, depending on the electric wood smoker you’re using. Currently, the most popular commercially available wood chips for grills are:

Some people like to use more exotic types of wood. There are a lot of different wood types available on the market.

5 Steps for Using Wood Chips in Your Grill

Using wood chips in your grill is easy, but there are a few steps you can take to make sure that you’re getting the best flavor. First, learn the basics. Here are 5 basic steps to become acquainted with wood chip cooking:

Step 1: Soak wood chips in water an hour or so before cooking to help them burn longer.

Step 2: Preheat your electric grill to get the chips to start smoking. Set the grill on high.

Step 3: Drain your wood chips through a colander in the sink, then let them drip dry for several minutes.

Step 4: Place the wood chips in your smoker box and close the lid.

Step 5: Place the smoker box towards the back of your grill so the smoke can push forward, onto the food you’re cooking.

Smoking time will depend on the wood you choose. Usually, if you buy your wood from a standard manufacturer, it has instructions on getting the fullest flavor. If now, it’s best to allow some time for the wood chips to begin smoking before you start cooking.

Once the chips begin smoking, adjust the heat as needed and begin grilling. Depending on the flavor you want, you can cook on low for several hours or on high for several minutes. This is totally up to your tastes – and for beginners, it may take a few tries before you know what you prefer.

Summing it Up:

Cooking on an electric grill with wood chips can create an amazing dish for those die-hard barbecue lovers. If you want to cook something quickly, this method may not be the right one for you. But if you love delicious, slow-cooked food that’s juicy and tender, this might be the perfect method for your meals. Buy an electric grill or smoker, and try it out!

And what will be the best electric grill with wood chips in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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