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Best Electric Smoker Cookbooks in 2022

Best electric smoker cookbook

You’ve probably thought until now that there’s only one way to smoke your food. That is wrong. What you don’t know is that smoking has multiple recipes and can create different flavors for your palate. It’s good enough to be its own cuisine. Don’t worry, we were just as surprised as you are.

So to help you on your way to smoking excellence, we will be reviewing some of the best electric smoking cookbooks. These cookbooks have all the information you need to be a master smoker.

So what are you waiting for? Read on and find out everything you need to be a better smoker.

Electric Smoker Cookbook #1:

  • This cookbook is a great choice if you’re bored with your old style of smoking and are looking for versatility in your smoking technique. This recipe book features over 50 delicious recipes that are appropriate for all occasions and moods.
  • Not only does it provides the recipe, but it also lays out detailed step by step instructions that makes your smoking experience much more simple and opens you up to more possibilities as to what you can do with your smoker. These instructions are painstakingly detailed so that nothing is left up to doubt. You know exactly what to do and when.
  • Each recipe details the kinds of wood required, this helps to create a very elaborate flavor palate for every dish you cook. What’s more? Well, this cookbook has absolutely scrumptious looking for pictures that are definitely going to make your mouth water.
  • This helps you understand how your food is supposed to look when it has been prepared to perfection and helps you aim higher to improve your culinary skills. It even helps to detail how long each recipe is required to cook for that perfect mix of flavor.
  • The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook also features a variety of convenient ways to look for the recipe you want. It has a table of contents that helps you look and mark a favorite recipe based on the main ingredient it uses.
  • You can also look for any desired recipes in the recipe index which lists them alphabetically for your convenience. It also provides a detailed list of what you need to buy, from ingredients all the way to gadgets that will help to improve the taste of your food.

Electric Smoker Cookbook #2:

  • This is the choice if you want the authentic taste of smoked meats and veggies but aren’t interested in monitoring the temperature of the smoker every few minutes. The recipes in this cookbook set you free from the burden of being chained to your smoker while still allowing you to enjoy that perfect smoked deliciousness.
  • This electric smoker cookbook has multiple recipes that help you diversify your recipes and smoke delicious meals without taking up too much of your time. It also helps to remove any unnecessary carbs from your diet. This cookbook shows you a better, healthier way to live.
  • It has a number of recipes that help to reduce the total intake of carbohydrates and processed ingredients. This further helps to make your diet much more stable and healthy.
  • Traditionally it is assumed that there is just one way to smoke meat. This is absolutely incorrect. There are a number of ways that you can smoke your meals to perfection. And how is that? You can smoke anything from any kind of meat to vegetables with different flavor palates. All you need is this cookbook.
  • It will guide you on how to make everything from something as simple as a traditional smoked brisket to more advanced creative cocktails.
  • We all love smoked meats, but what makes the best smoked meat? Is it the smoker? Definitely. But what’s even more important than the smoker? That’s the recipe being used to prepare the meat. The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Cookbook is one of the best cookbooks with over 150 recipes and each of them uses the beautiful electric smoker you just purchased.
  • All these recipes are easy to make and don’t require a lot of preparation. This helps you make the entire meal experience interactive and more relaxed.
  • The cookbook also comes with a 1000-day meal plan. This truly shows that Masterbuilt is truly committed to your path to a healthier lifestyle. The chef, who wrote this electric smoker cookbook, Chef Alan Derulo, has also included a masterlist of the best and most renowned recipes.
  • These recipes advise the best way to prepare the meat, measurements, times and heat that you need to create the most delicious and scrumptious meals.
  • It has a number of recipes for both the classic dishes and the more modern selections of food like crazy smoked pork spare ribs and Kansas City brisket sandwiches. This cookbook details the recipe step by step so that the user is left with a better and deeper understanding of the recipe.

Electric Smoker Cookbook #4:

  • This cookbook is a great addition to the world of smoking. It contains a wide range of recipes that are exclusive to smoked meats. This is the only drawback of this cookbook because you will need another book if you want recipes that feature smoked veggies.
  • It features a total of 65 absolutely delicious recipes that have been tried and tested. Using an electric smoker makes each of these recipes even easier to make so that you barely have to lift a finger once you have prepared the ingredients and put the meat into the smoker.
  • Its temperature control technology makes sure that it is cooked evenly and requires minimal to no supervision. The Complete Masterbuilt Smoker Cookbook features recipes that can be prepared using anywhere from 1 to 5 ingredients. Yes, you read that right. You can have a meal of your choice, and all you need is 5 ingredients or less.
  • It also helps you discover your taste. It even carries options for making sausages, pork, chicken burgers, and even seafood. This is your one-stop solution if you’re new to the world of smoking.
  • If you have a Masterbuilt electric smoker, you already know how wonderful it is to come home after a long day of work. Now you just have to prepare some meat and place it into the electric smoker.
  • Chances are that you have been smoking meats with the same recipe for a while; this cookbook helps to bring a wide variety of recipes into your life. It makes smoking so easy that you can enjoy a real barbecue every night without any hassle. And isn’t that the dream?
  • This electric smoker cookbook features about 100 recipes that have all been tried, tested and loved by barbeque fanatics. It leaves you open to figuring out which of these suits your palate and cooking style. With 100 recipes, you can experiment and possibly discover a new favorite recipe.
  • Not only that, this cookbook is looking to share some of the most closely guarded secrets to the perfect barbecue. It has multiple tips and tricks that help you make the best meats. These tips will also help you get the best out of your smoker. The advice this book has for people just getting into the smoking game is a game-changer and bound to take your simple homemade barbecue to a different culinary height.
  • To make your life and cooking experience even better, this electric smoker cookbook has a number of remarkable visuals that act as reference guides, for example, helpful charts that help to inform you of the timings, temperatures, and conversions so that you have the best information at your fingertips.


We have reviewed our picks for the 5 best electric smoker cookbooks. We have also told you what makes each of these fit to be on our list. But which book is our favorite?

Well, we believe that the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Cookbook by Alan Derulo is the winner. It has over 150 delicious recipes that are loved and sought after. It also makes your life easier by giving you everything you need with its detailed instructions.

What’s the best way to go forward? Buy the cookbook you believe is best for you depending on your level of expertise, try out a couple of recipes and then invite your family over for a big cookout.

Happy Smoking!

And what will be the best electric smoker cookbook in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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