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Top 3 Best Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker in 2022

Best smoky mountain electric smoker

Smoking food is one of the most popular and well-known methods of cooking. This technique allows you to preserve the juices naturally found in food as well to enhance them. Interestingly, meat is a food item that is difficult to prepare. Overcooking affects the taste, and too little makes it hard to chew.

What if we say there is a way for you to achieve the perfect cook without compromising on the delicious smoky flavor? Today we’re going to be reviewing the best Smoky Mountain electric smokers so that you can add this in your cooking list. But first, let’s answer some of the questions that must have occurred to you. First of all:

What is the Smoky Mountain?

The Smoky Mountain is a series of electric smokers produced by the company Landmann. This series is quickly taking over the world market of outdoor smokers. Landmann has invested time and expertise in developing each smoker in this series to meet your different needs.

These smokers combine the latest innovations in the market with tried and tested cooking methods. If you’re looking for an electric smoker that is as diverse as it is durable, then you need to invest in a Smoky Mountain smoker. This series features the best Landmann has to offer in terms of quality. Not only that but the Smoky Mountain smoker series is CSA recognized for the high-end features and cooking quality.

You cannot ask for a better quality product that is more suited to outdoor cooking. The Smoky Mountain series not only delivers well-cooked food but makes the process effortless. This series features strong, well-made cookers that can withstand outdoor use and deliver a perfect cook.

Electric smokers from Smoky Mountain use more reliable forms of power and cooking. This, in turn, helps them to produce even, smoky cook every time. And now we would like to answer a second possible question, and that is:

How is an electric smoker useful?

Firstly – and most importantly – electricity is a much more stable source of energy. An electric smoker delivers a more consistent cook each time as compared to the typical gas or wood-based smokers.

For this same reason, an electric smoker is a lot easier to control. These cookers allow you to control the temperature and heat. You might find yourself constantly struggling with a wood-based smoker just to get the right flavor. This is not an issue you’ll face with electric smokers.

There is also the fact that electric smokers are so much better for the environment. Just think about the amount of wood you needed to waste last time to get the right temperature. Gas is just as unpredictable, not to mention a precious natural resource. Admittedly, smoked food is delicious in terms of flavor and aroma. But what if you could achieve that taste with the minimum amount of inconvenience?

Electric smokers are not only easier to use but are also easier to clean and maintain. With electric smokers, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the residue created by wood-based smokers.

If you’re interested then keep reading for our list of the best Smoky Mountain Electric Smokers.

The Top 3 Smoky Mountain Electric Smokers in 2022

Electric SmokerDimensionsWeightCooking surfacePrice
Landmann USA 32948 Smoky Mountain Smoker13.2x16.6x26.7 in30 lbs.431 square in Check Price
MCO 32954 Landmann Smoky Mountain Smoker28.74x18.9x15.35 in33 lbs.443 square in Check Price
Landmann Smoky Mountain 32970 Smoker24.41x64.57x47.64 in65 lbs.857 square in Check Price

Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker #1:

  • The Landmann USA 26” Electric Smoker comes in durable steel construction that keeps the heat trapped inside. This electric cooker is massive on the inside as not a single inch of space is wasted. You can easily use this cooker to smoke several pieces of meat or an entire meal comprising of different ingredients.
  • The construction alone makes this product one of the best Smoky Mountain electric smokers. This electric smoker has three cooking grids that are chrome plated for durability. These grids are designed in such a way as to expose the food to be cooked completely by the heat. This ensures that the food is cooked evenly along the entire surface and all the way through.
  • With this electric cooker, you get an independent plug-in temperature controller that allows you to control the heat. You can use this controller to set and maintain the smoke and heat throughout the cook.
  • Another feature that makes this cooker one of the best electric smokers is the three-in-one tray combining all your needs. This tray contains a water pan along with a chip box, and grease pan in one convenient tool. This feature not only saves space but also makes it easier for you to check on all three if you need to.
  • This electric smoker also comes with a vent port in the rear-panel to maintain proper heat and smoke release. This feature allows you to manage the release of smoke and heat and ensures a long life for the appliance. Each side of this electric smoker comes with sturdy wrought iron handles for easier transport.
  • Finally, this electric cooker is fitted with four adjustable feet that allow you to balance it on uneven ground.

Notable features:

  • The 3-in-1 tray that combines three components in one convenient space
  • It comes with an independent controller that allows you to set and maintain the heat
  • The smoker has a large capacity that allows you to cook a lot of food at once
  • It has a proper rear panel vent to maintain smoke and heat

Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker #2:

  • This addition to the Landmann USA 26” electric smoker line is an improvement over the last model. As with the previous model, this product comes in sturdy steel that ensures reliable cook time. The interior is spacious and can fit generous portions of food for each turn.
  • The Landmann MCO 32954 Smoker is one of the best Smokey Mountain electric smokers because of its durability. You can see that the entire appliance is thick steel while the door is double-walled. This interior is designed specifically to trap heat and smoke for a perfect cook. This electric smoker also comes with three wide cooking racks.
  • These cooking racks are coated in chrome for extra protection. Years of use would render average cooking shelves weak against the weight and different ingredients you cook. This layer of chrome not only ensures a long life on the shelves but is also attractive to look at. Additionally, this electric smoker comes in a sleek black that would blend in wherever you place it.
  • You will notice that one of the main differences between these two models is, the door. On this model, the door features a clear glass window. This window isn’t just an enhancement on the design but is also very functional. With this window, you can now easily check on your food throughout the cook to ensure an even cook.
  • As with the previous model, you will receive an independent temperature controller to control and maintain heat. Furthermore, it has its wood chip box, water pan, and grease tray all combined in one convenient component.

Notable features:

  • An independent temperature controller that helps maintain the heat
  • Chrome coated cooking racks
  • Double-walled door for extra durability
  • A spacious interior to cook lots of food at once
  • A glass window that allows you to observe your food

Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker #3:

  • As we said, Landmann prides itself on offering you the best with each product. This 32″ electric cooker is the best Smoky Mountain electric smoker among the rest. This is because of the wide range of cooking and maintenance features that this model includes. The exterior is thick and durable steel. It comes in a sleek black finish as added protection.
  • You can expect a built-in push-button control panel that allows you to set and maintain heat. This control panel controls cooking time, cooking temperature, and internal meat temperature.
  • This electric cooker is fitted with four steel wired cooking grates to accommodate a massive amount of food. These cooking racks are coated with a layer of chrome for extra protection and easier cleaning. The interior of this cooker is insulated and protected against outside temperatures.
  • For this electric cooker, Landmann incorporates a patented two-drawer system. This system allows you to access the wood chip box, water pan, and grease tray without disturbing the main chamber. You can check on the wood chip and water pan without worrying about releasing heat from the main chamber.
  • The interior also features built-in grease runnels that lead excess grease straight into the greased pan. The grease pan is galvanized for extra protection and easier cleaning. This grease tray is also completely removable for added convenience.
  • One of the features that make this cooker the best electric smoker is the number of cooking tools. This electric cooker also features a built-in temperature probe that allows you to check the temperature of the cooking meat.
  • This electric smoker features large, durable handles that make it easier to use. Landmann has fitted the door with a magnetic closure and a secure latch for extra protection.

Notable features:

  • The two-drawer system makes it easier to maintain the heat without opening the main chamber
  • Built-in temperature probe helps you check the meat temperature
  • A built-in push-button control panel allows you to control cooking time and maintain heat
  • Built-in grease tunnels and removable grease tray make cleanup convenient


In our review of the best Smoky-Mountain electric smokers, we have included top of the line models and tried to include as much information as possible.

There was, however, some differences that made each of the products stand out. There is a product that is one of the best, even among the best Smokey Mountain electric smokers and that is Landmann 32” electric smoker. This electric smoker features a push-button control panel and built-in temperature probe. Landmann has designed the electric cooker to deliver precision cooking every time.

On top of which you have the built-in grease tunnels and two-drawer system. This system makes it convenient for you to check on the wood chip box and water pan without releasing any heat. Meanwhile, you have a grease tray that easily collects excess grease in one place. This grease tray is perfectly removable, making cleaning easy and convenient.

And what will be the best Smoky Mountain electric smoker  in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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