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Best Tailgate Smoker Grills in 2022

Best tailgate smoker grill

So the season for Smokey barbecues and world tours has arrived, and many will be looking forward to a nice hot grill underneath bonfires or steaks smoked with unmerciful coals. But for most of us, the real fun of having a barbecue is with all our friends and family huddled around a vehicle or SUV and tailgating the night away.

When it comes to picking out the best tailgate smoker grill, we like to not make any exceptions. Which is why it is important for us to choose only the finest and most exquisite smoking grill for all our friends and family to enjoy.

So let’s dive into it!

Best tailgate smoker grills on the market in 2022

Product NameType of FuelStyleGrilling SpacePrice
Traeger Grills Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet GrillWood pelletsModern418sq. in Check Price
Cuisinart Charcoal SmokerCharcoalModern402 sq. in Check Price
COBB PREMIER Smoker & GrillCharcoalModernN/a Check Price
Party King Smoke GrillGasTraditionalN/a Check Price
Charcoal Smokers BBQCharcoalMod.+Trad.254 sq. in Check Price
  • The Traeger Grill is a wood pellet powered grill and smoker that helps you save tons of charcoal and gas. The Traeger Grill and Smoker has been specially designed to enhance your grilling experience and to ensure quality products and culinary skills. It also includes an insulation blanket (to be bought separately) along with a temperature regulator. This not only allows the temperature to stay within +/-20 degrees Fahrenheit but also keeps the temperature and internal conditions premium for the best steak and wood-smoked barbecue.


  • Unique and modern design that helps shape a community around the grill.
  • 300 square inches of grilling space allows multiple kebabs and steaks to be grilled at once.
  • Entirely portable and easy to carry and move.
  • Internal systems regulate temperature to ensure a safer and more robust grilling experience.
  • Additional insulation blanket helps ensure that the temperature inside remains warm and hot, regardless of the temperature outside.
  • The grill is highly versatile and professional, allowing for a 6 in 1 experience.
  • Can accommodate up to 12 burgers, 3 whole stacks of ribs, and 2 chickens.

Tailgate Smoker Grill #2:

  • Cuisinart 16 Inch Vertical Smoker is exactly what it sounds like. It promises a highly capacious and extravagant cooking experience and makes sure that you need minimal culinary skills to make the best steak. Just flip open the top of the Cuisinart Grill and Smoker and your tailgate will be the most popular in town. It features two 16 inch cooking racks to facilitate 402 square inches of cooking and grilling space. For tailgating, this is one the best tailgate smoker grill as it is portable and uses up only a fraction of space.


  • Highly professional and sophisticated design that gives it a chic and colossal look.
  • Two 16 inch cooking racks that provide for the most capacious and fiery grilling experience.
  • 402 square inch cooking space that can accommodate multiple steaks and barbecues, providing the best end-user experience.
  • Dual vent system allows for premium quality ventilation and evacuation of smoke and char.
  • Extremely portable and requires only a tiny amount of space to give you quality meals.
  • Features a water bowl made of porcelain enamel.

Tailgate Smoker Grill #3:

  • From the pits of hellfire itself, Cobb brings you a highly vogue and versatile grill and smoker. The Cobb Premier Portable Stainless Steel Grill and Smoker is perhaps one of the most professional and unique grills in stock. It features a sleek and cute design and is easy to handle and carry.It weighs as little as a mere 8 pounds and so small it can easily fit into a van. For tailgate parties, this is perhaps the best choice as it occupies minimal space while assuring quality meals and the best grilling experience. We’ve seen a lot of grills in our experiences, but this is by far one of the best tailgate smoker grill.


  • Small and portable design allows for maximum movability.
  • Sleek and modern with a touch of tradition.
  • Weighs only eight pounds and allows for easy portability.
  • Is best when used outdoors.
  • Utilizes charcoals to smoke, grill, roast, and fry.
  • Can cook for a maximum of 3 hours on only 8 briquettes.
  • Cooking temperatures are easily regulated to around 500 degrees.
  • Features a carry bag for carrying around easily.

Tailgate Smoker Grill #4:

  • This special smoker isn’t just called the Party King for nothing. With a unique and traditional design and three insatiable burners, this stainless steel behemoth is known for cooking up the best steaks in town.The Party King will visit your tailgates and will ensure that your barbecues are the only ones that the locals are talking about. The design is traditional and simple and utilizes natural gases and fossil fuels to purge the hunger of the fires beneath.The Party King features a grilling power of 34,500 BTUs and has 3 extravagant burners that will provide maximized grilling experiences. If this isn’t one of the best tailgate smoker grill, we don’t know what is.


  • 34,500 BTU grilling power, with 11,500 BTU grilling power of each burner.
  • Features an ice chest tray and a backyard stand, along with a high-quality grill head.
  • Features 3 unique burners to maximize customer experience.

Tailgate Smoker Grill #5:

  • This exceptional product from Beau Jardin provides extra smokey and extra juicy steaks for your tailgating needs. The Charcoal Grill is easy to clean and takes only a small amount of time to get ready to use. It utilizes charcoals and has an internal thermostat to regulate the temperature.It is perhaps one of the best tailgate smoker grill in town, providing a grilling plate of 18 inches diameter. If you didn’t buy this, you’re missing out.


  • Dimensions: 17x17x23 inch with an 18-inch diameter grilling plate.
  • Easy portability via foldable legs and wheels.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with this grill, you can get a full refund and return within just 30 days.
  • Rust-resistant aluminum air vents to facilitate airflow.

And what will be the best tailgate smoker grill in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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