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Hamilton Beach Durathon Ceramic Electric Griddle with PTFE & PFOA Free Cooking Surface (38519R)

Hamilton Beach Durathon Ceramic Electric Griddle with PTFE & PFOA Free Cooking Surface (38519R)

Waking up to making hash-browns, eggs, sausages, steaks and golden-brown pancakes is a dream that comes true for some. However, in order to get these results, Hamilton Beach ceramic electric griddle can handle it all. With its ceramic non-stick surface that provides non-stick cookware, you can make a whole meal with little effort and easy clean-up. The non-stick surface which is made with Durathon ceramic creates a non-stick effect that is four times more durable than other traditional non-stick appliances.

That means you won’t have to scrape off the surface because your food is burnt and stuck to the plate. The eggs, bacon or pancakes, in this case, would be flipped with ease. This product is a perfect one for homemakers and cooks who may want to cook all day on their griddles. The griddle is strong and wide enough to accommodate any kind of food you want to cook. In bigger kitchens, restaurants and perhaps an outdoor event, the perfect appliance for your grill is the Hamilton Beach Durathon Ceramic Electric Griddle.

Specifications of Hamilton Beach Durathon Ceramic Electric Griddle with PTFE & PFOA Free Cooking Surface (38519R)

The specs of this unique griddle will leave you amazed. It has a high-tech specification and beautiful features that would give your food a nice look and taste.

Product nameHamilton Beach Durathon Ceramic Electric Griddle with PTFE & PFOA Free Cooking Surface (38519R)
ManufacturerHamilton Beach
Reference number38519R
Cooking surface size200Sq. inch
Product typeElectrical
Product useGriddle

Why Hamilton Beach Duration Ceramic Electric Griddle with PTFE & PFOA Free Cooking Surface (38519R) should be bought.

This smart appliance should be considered by every kitchen owner and homemaker because of its speed and its ability to cook easily and fast. You should consider this griddle because of the unique feature of cooking without having to get an extension cord which can be frustrating. Hamilton Beach electric griddle design has made it easy for you to set up your griddle and cook and plug on either side. With its reversible design, it allows you to connect the power cord from either side of the griddle.

A homemaker should also get this griddle because of its superior non-stick performance. Its ceramic non-stick coating is four times more durable than the traditional non-stick coating pan. Even after subsequent use, it won’t crack, peel off during and after use. It is also dish-washer safe. You can easily remove the ceramic tray and slid into the dishwasher for cleaning. This automatically saves your time instead of having to clean up traditionally after use.

The Hamilton Beach electric griddle should also be considered because it has a mini drip tray that catches all the mess like excess grease and other drips. This automatically keeps your countertop free of messes. It also has an adjustable temperature control that either increases or decreases heat temperature spreading it evenly on the griddle. It’s Duration Ceramic surface free from PTFE and PFOA makes it highly safe and healthy to cook your foods on it. It is extremely easy to use and also highly economical so if you are looking a value-priced griddle, Hamilton Beach griddle is an appliance to consider.

Check out this video about the electric griddle

Hamilton Beach Durathon Ceramic Electric Griddle 38519R



  • The electric griddle is the best for every homeowner and people who may want to enjoy cooking indoors.
  • The electric griddle is one of the best griddles because of its better heat conduction
  • It emits zero smoke.
  • The griddle is also the perfect partner for cooks, chefs, and even homemakers.
  • It is also perfect for cooking your veggies, steaks, sausages, chicken, fish, hamburgers and the likes.


  • You can’t boil water on the surface because of safety reasons.


The Hamilton Beach electric griddle is definitely the best option for people who live in smaller settings or homes with no outdoor space or people who may want to host a little gathering. It is also user-friendly with easy temperature dial with 4 cooking settings such as; warm, low, medium and high. The electric griddle has everything a homemaker would want because of its well-structured technology that allows easy cooking routine, with its non-stick design easy clean up is possible after use.

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