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A Comprehensive Comparison of Evo Grill vs. Blackstone

Evo Grill vs Blackstone

BBQ masters know how important it is to have the best grill. There is no better experience than grilling on a griddle that follows all your requirements. However, what if you do not know which one of them is the best?

Such is the case with two of the most popular brands: Evo and Blackstone. The Evo grill vs. Blackstone fight is an ongoing one for a long time now. But no more! We are here to settle this argument today!

Read to find out everything that you need about both of these brands.

Industry history

Evo Grill vs. Blackstone! They are both great companies for almost two decades or a little less. Check out the history of both of them.

Evo America

Evo America has impressed consumers for some decades now. The brand is a creation of culinary people with a love of food and its entertainment. Since 2001, the brand has been making cooking equipment and appliances at a different level than others.

With unique designs and exceptional quality, the brand won the Kitchen Innovation Award by the National Restaurant Association in 2015.

One of their best inventions includes several different types of griddles. These bring the A-game of griddles in the market. Additionally, they make room for themselves in all kinds of backyards, patios, and kitchens.


Blackstone is not an unknown name when it comes to griddles. Customers know it and trust it since 2005. All they did since starting is grow!

Blackstone primarily deals in grills and every accessory related. These help you pick out a few of the best ones that suit your needs. Each of them has unique qualities. However, they are all to ensure that you have the best griddle when it comes to barbecue.

Even the smallest ones have professional touches to them for the best results every time.

The specialty of Evo America

Evo America manufactures all its products in the USA. Their specialty is the Evo cooktops. There are several different types of cooktops that Evo has. In fact, this specialty helped them bag their achievement award.

The cooktops range from regular to barbecue. This brings us back to griddles. Concisely speaking, Evo excels in griddles as well.

One of the best things about the Evo cooktops is that they always have something to wow you with. There may be an extra shelf or something, but they always have something new to them.

Consumers love them because they are generally easy to install and use. Moreover, their easy maintenance helps the durability of the cooktops.

The specialty of Blackstone

Blackstone seems to have more of a name in grilling products. The company dedicates itself entirely for barbecuing gears and accessories.

One of the best things about their grilling supplies is that they are modern. They reach heights of modernity with the best of grilling experiences in all their products.

It is needless to say that consumers love Blackstone. The fact that grilling brings the name of the brand into the mind of almost everyone means everything.

Comparison: Evo Grill vs. Blackstone Griddle

ModelEvo Professional Series Grill on CartBlackstone 36 in Griddle
Portability optionsWheels, compact sizeWheels with brakes, foldable legs
BurnersTwo burners with separate knobs (outer and inner)Four different burners with separate knobs
Body/CooktopStainless steel/ oil seasoned black steelStainless steel/ rolled steel
Squares650 sq. inches720 sq. inches
Dimensions52 x 48 x 48 inches62.5 x 22 x 36 inches
Price Check Price Check Price

Evo Professional Series Grill on Cart (10-0002-NG)

The Evo Professional Series Grill is professional in quality and also in style. The body is a simple stand-on design, which makes it suitable for even small backyards or patios.

The 304 stainless steel construction body is easy to move around, so it makes for a great option for camping. The construction allows a durable life of the grill. The cooking surface is an oil seasoned black steel. This surface is especially for cooking and is very durable. The 30-inches of diameter allow 650 square inches of cooking space.

Speaking of temperature, the 48,000 BTU dual burners allow temperature variations from 225 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are two different burner knobs. One of them is for the inner burner and the other for the outer. This feature maintains the temperature. It also allows more even heat distribution for the perfect grill temperature every time.

The grill starts from an easy to reach electric ignition and uses propane as fuel. There are wheels on the bottom for easy portability.

This grill comes with a lid for steaming and other cooking necessities. There is also a spillover tray surrounding the circumference of the grill for clean cooking experiences. It is easy to remove and safe for the dishwasher, which makes this very convenient.

Notable features:

  • Lid with this grill.
  • Two even burners with electric ignition.
  • Runs on propane gas and has wheels for portability.
  • Ranges of different temperatures.
  • Spillover tray surround for clean cooking.

Blackstone Outdoor Gas Grill Griddle Station

The Blackstone Professional Griddle Station comes with features that make grilling better. There is certainly a greater sense of professional grilling with this station.

The first look of this griddle makes you wonder if there is a lot of installation to it. There is some assembly in this griddle; however, most of it is basic and is doable at home.

The flat top of this griddle has a 720 square inches cooking space that makes it perfect for people who host barbecues for large gatherings.

Speaking of the body, the material of this griddle is solid stainless steel. This makes it relatively lightweight, yet durable enough to make it work. The cooking surface is a rolled steel surface with a great nonstick option. It is also great for even heat distribution. The material also allows no food flavor hindrance.

Since the cooking space is huge, there are four burners. Each of these burners helps in keeping various temperatures on the one surface. It allows you to cook almost everything at once without worrying about the heat. There are variable temperatures that allow convenience.

One of the best parts is that it has an electric ignition which makes easy and safe starting of the grill.

There are a storage shelf and two sides on this griddle. Each of these shelves helps in saving space. There are also wheels for portability. However, two of these wheels have stoppers, so the grill does not move about when cooking. The legs are foldable for easy carrying anywhere you like. Additional features also include a grease catcher. It allows clean and spill-free cooking every time.

Notable features:

  • Four different burners.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Rolled steel cooktop.
  • Several shelves for storing.
  • Wheels and foldable legs for portability.

The Most Important Blackstone Gas Griddle Accessories

Which product is recommended for whom?

Since both of the companies are high ranking and these are exceptionally good quality products, there is confusion. Here we will tell you the kind of people that can use either to settle Evo grill vs. Blackstone.

Beginning with the Evo grill! As you can see the compact design is great for people with smaller houses. In fact if you have a small but roomy balcony, you may find it easy to use this product for grilling as well.

It is more for people that have small houses. Moreover, it is also for people that want to grill in private. Not everyone wants to host huge barbecue parties all the time.

One of the best audiences for this grill is campers. The portable features allow you to carry it anywhere without worrying about the size of this grill. The wheels help too!

Speaking of the Blackstone grill in the Evo Grill vs. Blackstone battle, it has a good number of consumers.

One of the best audiences for this is people who love throwing barbecue parties at home. The huge surface with different burners allows a lot of food to cook at once.

Since there are wheels and foldable legs, it is also suitable for big family tailgates. If you are the one for hosting, this one is your friend.


Didn’t you decide yet? The Evo grill vs. Blackstone argument needed a settlement; therefore, we bring you a comprehensive comparison in this article.

There are several other grills in the market. However, these two take the BBQ lovers by storm almost every summer season! However, each one of them is unique and similar in their own way. You can see by the product reviews that each of them works wonders in their own way.

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