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All you need to know about Z Grill Stainless Steel Prep Work Table 3

Z GRILL Stainless Steel Prep Work Table

Within a kitchen, additional counter space is a huge bonus. The Z Grill Stainless Steel Prep Work Table is designed to offer you a much-helping hand whether it is for counter space or extra storage. If you work at a service station, it also allows you to organize your supplies or finish plating. Unlike the kitchen island, it provides mobility to the usable space, but it might not necessarily emphasize on additional storage. In the case of a stainless steel work table, you can enjoy storage space in the form of open-shelf near the lower half of the table.

Why you need Z Grill Stainless Steel Prep?

Z Grill Stainless Steel Prep is the work table with 18GA #430 steel top which is flat and it’s under shelf is also 18GA galvanized. It is 24-inch long, 24-inch broad and 34-inch high with a rounded back and front edges for your safety. Furthermore, you can conveniently adjust the height with the help of a knob under the shelf.

No need to worry about the safety

The product meets all the quality standards for public health protection. As its tops and the legs are fully galvanized, it is perfect to use for various washing purposes as well.

Multi-purpose work table

It is an ideal heavy duty table with an excellent surface and can be utilized anywhere in the bar, kitchen or restaurant. Moreover, you can also use it in other places like hospital, school, laundry or any commercial setup. The table has a stylish and modern look that sits well with all kinds of stainless steel appliances too.


  • Z Grill Stainless Steel Prep works well for all types of tasks because of it is burn and rust proof.
  • It meets all public health protection quality standards approved by NSF, and therefore, it is perfectly safe to use in any commercial or domestic setting.
  • The table is highly durable and versatile and is built for performance that continues to amaze.
  • It is straightforward to assemble and with plastic bullet feet, it does not wobble on uneven flooring.
  • The table offers simple maintenance, and it also provides additional work space along with some extra storage with open access.


  • The cooking equipment will make noise if it gets in to contact with the table.
  • With the passage of time, the table might lose its sharp details due to scratches or dents caused by careless use.
  • Some people might not prefer the cold look of steel in their homes despite the fact that it goes well with all kinds of electric appliances.


Overall, Z Grill Stainless Steel Prep Work Table exceeds your expectation with its high-quality design and modern look. It is the piece of equipment to set up in almost any professional service setup as well as your home. It is built to last for a life time and is very convenient when it comes to maintenance as well. The table can add functionality because in addition to the kitchen island it also provides you with some extra working space and some open access storage as well.

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