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How to Use a Weber Smoker?

How to Use a Weber Smoker

Weber started the global culture of barbeque. They have manufactured high quality and a superior range of products since 1952. These products come with a combination of knowledge and wealth of experiences. Additionally, if you want to enjoy a barbecue party than you need to purchase the innovative and ultimate products of Weber for your backyard.

Moreover, smokers create a smoking environment for cooking smoky food at low temperature. There are accessible in great variety such as electronic, charcoal, propane, palette, and much more. The features and other specifications make them unique from each other. However, some of them are easy to use and others require some technical use. The woods are used to create smoky flavor and different type of woods offer different flavor.

In addition to that, Weber manufactured a superior range of smokers that works with electricity, gas, and more. Numerous accessories enhance the functionality of smokers and make it easy to use for you. You can enjoy your beach party or backyard BBQ party with your friends and family.

Let us begin our article with some important instructions of Weber smokers!

Weber smokers

Weber is a top-ranked brand, which manufactured superior quality smokers. Some smokers work with charcoal, some use propane, and others work with electricity. Weber smokers are available in different sizes such as 22.5-inch, 18-inch in diameters. You can choose according to your requirements. Models are varying according to unit diametric, type, functionality and much more.

Moreover, many smokers are heavy and require much technical installation. Some of them are easy to configure and use. The charcoal smoker requires a drilling hole in the pan of charcoal, an added suitable gauge of temperature, moving legs, and plenty of other components. As compared to another type of smokers, they got assemble in a short time.

How to Use a Weber Smoker

The charcoal smoker is the most famous product of Weber that works efficiently. You can cook everything that you want, from chicken to ribs. However, it takes much time to cook the food for about 16 hours to 18 hours. In these instructions, let me tell you how to start the charcoal smoker, maintain it, set targeted temperature, and lighting it.

Weber Smokey Mountain instructions

The Weber Smokey Mountain is equipped with metal legs that are rust-resistant, steel cooking grates, built-in thermometer, and much more. The cooking capacity of the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker is varying according to different models. It is accessible in 14-inch, 18-inch, and 22-inch. You can purchase according to your requirements.

The usage instruction of the Smokey Mountain Smoker by Weber is as follow.

  • You have to add a few pieces of charcoal in the charcoal bowl. Then grab a piece of charcoal for fire-starter. There is a need to place the fire-starter in the middle of the charcoals and light.
  • Please wait about 5 minutes to 7 minutes for fire-up the charcoal. Then put the fired piece of charcoal on the bottom or top of the charcoal bowl. With this method, all pieces of charcoal catch the fires in a better way.
  • You need two gallons of cold water to fill the water pan. Now you can place the food on the steel cooking grate. Then place a stick of wood in the top center of the charcoal.
  • Cover the smoker with the lid and wait until it meets the proper temperature about 200 degrees. Now, shut the access door and adjust the bottom vents. It is recommended to wait until the temperature reaches between 225 degrees to 240 degrees.

Keep one thing in your mind that always keep your eye on the water. If the water level drops, refill it. According to some user, you have to refill water after 4 hours.

Weber Smokey Mountain temperature control

Temperature is playing a very important role for both cooking and flavoring. Maintain proper temperature enhances the performance of the smoker and vice versa. The water in the water bowl of the unit helps to regulate the temperature. Therefore, it is compulsory to refill the water accordingly. This water also generates a moist environment for cooking.

Plenty of temperature controllers are accessible from different companies. Each product offers many features. These features include WiFi connectivity, an auto adjustment from your smartphone, and more. You can also generate temperature graphs and cook logs by using the smart app.

How to Use a Weber Smoker

Additionally, Weber Smokey Mountain temperature controller allows you to set the accurate temperature according to food requirement. It helps to cook properly in multiple hours without babysitting. It controls the airflow of the unit as well by using a fan. The built-in thermometer automatically retains the best temperature of the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker.

How to use a smoker box?

You have to follow some important instructions for the usage of a smoker box. These instructions are as follow:

  • You need some dry wood chips and place them into the smoker box. Many people firstly soak the wood chips to prevent wood from catching fire. However, the smoker box is not having bottom holes so the chip will not catch fire.
  • Try to place the box as near to the source of heat as possible. Alternatively, if you are using a gas grill, you have to keep it on top of the burners. If you have charcoal, place it directly on the charcoal. Heating of the box is depending on your grill. It may take more than 10 minutes but also depends on how much temperature you want.
  • Once the box starts generating smoke, you can turn down your burner according to the regular temperature of cooking. Throughout the cooking process, it will stay hot enough and produce smoke as well. Now it is time to enjoy the delicious smoky flavor.

Always remember that if the usage of the smoker box is longer then more chips of wood required. The best use of wood chips gives the meat a delicious flavor.

How to Use a Weber Smoker

What is a smoker grill combo?

Many people like to use a smoker grill combo in their backyard for enjoying the party. This dual-purpose combo is more effective and multifunctional equipment. It helps in removing the stress of smoking and grilling. For that reason, you can save your time, money, and enjoy a convenient and healthy way of cooking.

There is an abundance of smoker grill combos available on the market. Some brands manufactured portable combos, few of them offers a large cooking area, and other provides limited ten years guarantees. Furthermore, you can grill beef by using your grill while giving the smoky flavor to the chicken by using a smoker.

The recommendation is that use of a smoker grill combo saves your time as well. Therefore, you can enjoy barbeque party with your friends and family also in summer. It is accessible in different sizes and you can purchase one according to your requirement.

The durability, reliability, compact design, and plentiful features make it a best selling product of Weber.


Some Weber smokers are portable and no drilling is required but few of them require drilling. You can enjoy the outdoor barbeque party with your friends and family. Multiple smoker accessories are also available on the market that enhances the functionality and performance of the unit.

Additionally, let me remind you of two important elements that affect the smoker. These are temperature and water. The proper temperature gives a delicious smoky flavor to the food whereas water creates a moist environment. Therefore, it is needed to keep your eyes on the water and temperature.

In addition to that, if you want to save both money and time, you can purchase a smoker grill combo. With it, you can give a smoky flavor to your food while grilling another preferred food. However, smokers are a great and healthy way to live your life but this is a too slow process of cooking.

Do you like to use a Weber smoker in your backyard for barbeque party? Are you getting usage instructions properly? For further information, please be free to ask from us by commenting on the below session.

Keep smoking!

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