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Best Infrared Grilling Cookbooks for 2022

Best infrared grill cookbook

Even the master cooks didn’t start as master chefs. Believe it or not, they experienced disastrous cooking too. Experimenting and learning how to cook is not always fun even in grilling. You need to watch out for the time and the temperature to get that perfect medium-rare or well-done meat. There is always the risk of wasting the meat or the ingredients when you fail – and embarrassing yourself when the food you prepared for the family or guests is unpalatable or burnt.

This is where cookbooks come into play. Though the failures you have experienced in cooking will help you grow as a cook, a cookbook will speed up the process. In cooking meat, there is a certain duration of time depending on how you wanted your meat to be cooked; well-done, medium or rare. So, I have chosen the best infrared grill cookbooks in this year that are trusted and approved by professional chefs. They are ideal for beginners and even for those who are already masters in grilling.

The Top 5 Infrared Grill Cookbook in 2022

Infrared Grill Cookbook #1:

  • Since most grillers today prefer the infrared grills instead of the conventional grills, this first sample of a cookbook is the ideal guide to the red-hot infrared grilling tech. Whether you are an avid griller or a start-up griller, this cookbook will help you master the art of grilling.The Infrared Grill Master cookbook is authored by a famous professional chef Jenny Dorsey. Jenny runs her own culinary consulting business and founded STUDIO ATAO, an experimental culinary production. Her accomplishments are more than enough for you to trust her cookbook. If you chose this cookbook, consider it as a piece of direct advice of grilling from a real pro herself. 

Featured recipes in this book:

    • Dry-aged steak
    • Lamb chops with chimichurri
    • Classic baby back ribs
    • Grilled Avocado toast
    • Lobster with charred lemon
    • Corn ’off the cob’
    • Grilled banana ice cream and so much more

Infrared Grill Cookbook #2:

  • If you love preparing meals outdoors, the Char-Broil’s Everybody Grills cookbook is perfect for you. It features 200 sumptuous recipes like grilled meals and appetizers, main courses, salads, veggies, and marinades. From the list of ingredients, preparations, and grill times, all details are laid simply that even a beginner cook can understand. Aside from the mouth-watering colored photos, this book will present you tips and techniques that will help you enjoy preparing meals outdoor.
  • When we think of grilling, the one thing that comes to our mind is grilling meat or fish on the grill. Some of us do not know that we can make desserts by only using a Char-broil grill. Well, this cookbook will introduce you to new delicious desserts as well. This is a guide that comes from an expert. It has everything you need to know whether you are a barbecue enthusiast or a housewife who wants to learn and explore different ways of cooking instead of grilling meat and veggies.
  • The cookbook had been recognized by many companies and won awards, so you can be rest assured the recipes are coming from reliable sources.

Infrared Grill Cookbook #3:

  • Camping outside where you are exposed to the beauty of nature is therapeutic. This is the main reason why many people love camping and picnics. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather by eating outside is a normal bonding activity for a family or a group of friends. But the bonding moment will be more exciting if you also cook your meal outside. The Char-broil Great Book of Grilling will help you impress your family members and guests by providing 300 grill recipes that can be easily followed.


  • What to expect from the Great Book of Grilling cookbook:
    • 300 easy-to-follow recipes which include; grilled appetizers, main courses, veggies, marinades and even desserts
    • Mouth-watering colored photos
    • Techniques of grilling, barbecuing, brining, smoking
    • Tips of juicier steaks, roasts, ribs, chops, wings, kebabs
    • Other professional advice


  • Forget your old steaks and burgers and try new recipes featured in this cookbook. The smell of a delicious meat will surely get your friends and families wanting for more. From main courses to desserts, sides, sauces and appetizers all can be done outside on a grill with the help of the Char-broil Great Book of Grilling. The 300 grill recipes are so easy to follow that even the younger ones can help you prepare. Just prepare your ingredients and equipment at your grilling area and you are good to start.

Infrared Grill Cookbook #4:

  • Tired of your usual burgers, hotdogs, and other barbecue dishes? Why not try making the ribs the star of your cookout or family dinner? It is versatile and like other parts of the meat, you can also cook it in many ways like grilling, baking or in a slow cooker. Don’t settle for the old simple barbecue ribs that everyone knew because we can cook it in 30 ways.
  • The Top 30 Most Delicious Ribs recipes cookbook will show you new recipes and help you decide which rib recipe is ideal for the particular occasion. This is a book that you should invest in because ribs are one of the most delicious parts of meat that is suitable to prepare for any alfresco eating. It consists of the most mouth-watering recipes that you can prepare at mealtimes, picnics or grilling parties.
  • You can find recipes like oven-baked ribs, grilled barbecue ribs and even side dishes for the meat, like vegetables. And one of the best things about this cut is that; you can enjoy it by using your fingers just like chicken joy. Impress your guests with easy to prepare but delectable ribs recipes that they have never tried before.

Infrared Grill Cookbook #5:

  • There are many recipe books available in the market but only a few that you can trust to give you the accurate procedure and complete with what you are looking for. For grilling enthusiasts, it is important that they know a variety of grilling recipes. You can never be called a grilling master if you are only good at grilling meat and hotdogs. The more than 150 color photographs will help you illustrate how will the completed dish look like.
  • It is a big plus if you can grill all kinds of meat – red meat, all kinds of seafood, pork, and beef. The Char-Broil’s Grilling Surf & Turf cookbook will be your best friend. This will teach you easy steps and techniques of grilling the perfect lobsters, shrimp, and others. The marinade recipes in this book are five-star quality. There are also recipes for grilled side dishes to complete the whole menu.

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