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Best Outdoor Prep Carts in 2022

Best outdoor prep cart

A very important factor for the outdoor grilling experience is the need for a prep cart. An outdoor prep cart helps in reducing space for several different tables. It also helps the cook in managing the supplies without having to run in and out repeatedly. If you are looking for the best outdoor prep cart, you have come to the right place. Our article will help you understand why it is important to have one. It will also help you in ensuring that you get the one that suits all or most of your needs.

Take a look at the comparison table before delving into the reviews to find a suitable outdoor prep cart.

How is a prep cart helpful?

The first and most basic way to achieve help through the prep cart is to ensure that you know what you are doing. Most outdoor cooking involves grilling so keeping that in mind we will tell you how it helps you.

  1. Tailgating: Next time when you go for tailgating, simply take a foldable cart along to store everything that you need neatly.
  2. Saves running trips: If you plan on doing it at home, you can avoid running in and out and just collect everything at once.
  3. Prepared food needs a room: Your cart will be able to hold the prepared food for a short time too!

The Top 5 Outdoor Prep Cart in 2022

Prep Cart NameStorage SpaceExtrasPrice
Keter Unity BBQ Entertainment Storage Table40 gallons in a cabinetSpice rack, hooks Check Price
Suncast Outdoor Grilling Prep StationTwo cabinetsFoldable side tables Check Price
Chris & Chris Jet1226 PRO Chef WorkstationTwo shelves and a drawerTowel bars, hooks Check Price
Bradley Smoker BTKITCART Foldable Kitchen CartTwo shelves and a top trayFoldable cart Check Price
Portable Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen CabinetA full cabinetBar shelves, towel rack Check Price

Outdoor Prep Cart #1:

  • The Keter Unity prep cart is one of the best outdoor prep carts for home barbecue parties. It comes in two attractive colors that suit all the backyards easily. The cart has plenty of space for storage and preparing for a party.
  • A total of 40 gallons is available to help you achieve the best of space. Open and sealed storage are one of the best options that you will find in this prep cart. The cart has a handle and a set of wheels at the back to easily push it. The front legs have a solid rubber paddle to ensure that the cart stays and stands strong.
  • The top of the cart is a steel top. The stainless steel is highly durable and easy to clean. It serves as a prepping table as well as a storage top. The rest of the material has wood-like texture. It is a weather-resistant resin construction.
  • This material allows the cart to suit all weather. The texture makes it aesthetically pleasing and the material makes it more suitable to outdoors. Additional features of this cart are a rack of hooks. There are also spice racks and a bottle opener. Side bars make this cart more spacious and suitable.

Outdoor Prep Cart #2:

  • This prep cart from Suncast suits all your needs and is very stylish for your next barbecue. It comes in two neutral yet very attractive colors. It has four wheels that help in moving it around anywhere – with 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters.
  • The storage is very convenient and spacious. This outdoor grilling cart has two cabinets which allow users to store their desired condiments and accessories. You can simply keep your grilling needs all stored in one.
  • This grilling station has a really great style. The style is one of the main reasons this is one of the best outdoor prep carts in the market. There is a top tray for prepping. It has two drop down side tables. These tables easily lift to increase space.
  • They are easy to wrap up too so that you can keep away your cart when not in use. The material for this cart is durable plastic that suits all weathers. This makes the cart perfect for an outdoor grilling adventure on your deck or patio.

Outdoor Prep Cart #3:

  • Chris & Chris’s Workstation is a professional work station. Amateurs and professional cooks use it to their advantage. It comes in two shades of natural brown which makes their textures more evident and makes the prep cart very stylish to use.
  • This heavy duty prep cart is one of the best outdoor prep carts in terms of space too. You can just fit everything you need on this and roll it out on its wheels. The cart is very stable with its locking casters. The material of this prep cart is hardwood which is quite suitable although not exactly resistant to all weathers.
  • There are two shelves on this cart below the storage table. This makes the cart maybe the best possible option to cut vegetables and prepare your grill. There is a side rack coated with powder to keep stainless and fresh. The rack has space for spices and hooks to hang your utensils.
  • You’ll also find a mini drawer in this prep cart. The cart does not come assembled which might be a drawback to a few of the customers out there. However, the clear instructions and easy installing will not hinder its usage.

Outdoor Prep Cart #4:

  • One of the reasons why is this Bradley Smoker prep cart in the list of the best outdoor prep carts is that it is very versatile. You can use it indoors for your kitchen and whenever you like, you can push it outdoors. The folding and opening of the cart are under a few seconds which makes it easier to manage.
  • This modern style cart is one of the best ways to ensure that your food prepping is done with ease when you are enjoying your outdoor grilling. That’s not all… The wheels on the kitchen cart are the best way to easily pull it out and put it back in when you finish. Two of them can be locked which add stability to the kitchen cart.
  • This cart is also light in weight and easy to take anywhere that you like. It is also suitable for tailgating which makes it one of the best outdoor prep carts.
  • You can use two shelves on this cart for storage. Both of them are made of durable stainless steel which makes it usable for long life. The top tray is made of hardwood. This material ensures that you can do anything including cutting vegetables on the cart. The only drawback is that there is no additional rack or space for storage.

Outdoor Prep Cart #5:

  • The Casa Nico Kitchen Cart is one of the best outdoor prep carts that you will come across. Amateur chefs may find it an amazing way to help them out and so will the professionals. This outdoor cart has stainless steel construction which ensures that it remains durable and suitable for bigger events.
  • The size is also quite large which makes it perfect for you if you are the host in every gathering. There are wheels which make this bar easily moveable inside and out. There are also locking casters to ensure stability. The only thing that may bother you is that it is too big to store and might take up a little more room than you are willing to give.
  • The doors of the storage cabinet ensure that anything inside stays dry and free from the outside contaminations. There is a bar shelf and a towel bar to add convenience. There is also a cover of the bar to keep it safe when not in use. All these features give it a chance to be the best outdoor prep cart in the market.


Getting the best outdoor prep cart is a cumbersome task. The first and foremost thing to remember is to make a list of all your needs. Remember what you are getting it for and you will find it easy to select among in the numerous features. The market always has a range so make sure to go for the quality.

And what will be the best outdoor prep cart in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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