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Best BBQ Grill Tables in 2022

Best bbq grill table

The demand of BBQ grills seems to grow with each year passing by. Everyone looks for some great features and deals when it comes to the BBQ grills. However, most of the people don’t even consider buying a BBQ grill table. But they are wrong.This preparation table can come in very handy for you to prepare your food. This is a must-have item for you if you do barbeques on a frequent basis. For this reason, we have compiled the best BBQ grill table reviews.

So let’s get going with the reviews, shall we!

The Top 5 BBQ Grill Tables in 2022

Grill Table NameWeightDimensionWheelsPrice
Keter Unity BBQ Entertainment Storage Table36.4 pounds29.6x22.7x35.4 inYes Check Price
Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Cart Table27.1 pounds39.4x23.2x31.9 inYes Check Price
Giantex Folding Grill Table, Storage Lower Shelf21 pounds57.5x18x44 inNo Check Price
Cuisinart CFGS-222, Take Along Grill Stand17.26 pounds54x20x30.5 inNo Check Price
Weber Portable Charcoal Table16 pounds20.2x4.1x32.7 inNo Check Price

BBQ Grill Table #1:

  • Keter manufactured the best BBQ grill table that enhances your hangout’s style. It is a complete entertainment station, which can perfectly gather snacks, water bottles, plates, and much more. The grill table has two convenient storage areas and enough workspace where you are able to keep all your required items. It is versatile in its use so you can use it for hangout, gardening and for other indoor and outdoor entertainments. Moreover, the spice rack and paper towel holdersincrease the usability of the table.
  • Additionally, it has astorage capacity about 40 gallons along with sealed and lockable storage space. It is the best way to keep plates, drinks, and napkins for any celebration. The stainless steel material presents great quality countertop, which provides efficient serving and preparationspace. You can also use the top for other purposes such as hold condiments and serve drinks because it is easy to clean. You just need to wipe it for cleanness. The top counter is weather resistant so you can use it happily at any weather.
  • Most grill lovers want a BBQ table that gives them an enough and appropriate space for BBQ hanging and keeping the utensils. Therefore, Keter designed the best BBQ grill table that has a bottle opener and four S-shaped hooks. These S-hooks allows you to hang grilling utensils easily within your reach. Furthermore, it has two wheels that provide mobility to this table and offers great stability as well. So you can move this BBQ grill tableanywhere you want. The top count can withstand 66 lbs conveniently.

BBQ Grill Table #2:

  • If you are looking for amovable double-shelf dining cart then you need to purchase the highest quality Royal Gourmet table for you. The manufacturer uses stainless steel material to construct the multifunctional table. Additionally, you can enjoy events, parties, BBQ, and other amusing activities by taking advantages of accessibility and mobility. The superior quality provides one ofthe best BBQ grill tables that will not rust and fracture under suitable maintenance.
  • In addition, the tabletop can bear a maximum 100 lbs. weight and offers 659 square inches tabletop surface. This isideal for daily friends and family get-togethers as well. The best thing is thatthere is a bottom shelf that provides extra space to organize large items efficiently. Therefore, Royal Gourmet presents one ofthe perfect and best BBQ grill tables to use with handy griddle and grill. It comes with a bracket where you can mount a gas cylinder weighing up to20 lbs. conveniently, it is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Furthermore, this multi-purpose table comes with a guide handle where you can hang towels. It offers also multiple hooks where you can hang needed utensils. The best thing is that your purchase comes with this chrome plated three hangers for hanging kitchen tools.
  • The product is very easy to clean, you just wipe the tabletop and bottom shelf with a soft cloth to clean. Meanwhile, the table is more versatile, durable, and can bear more weight as compared to other products.

BBQ Grill Table #3:

  • Do you want adurable and sturdier folding BBQ grill table for enjoying your camping, party, and picnic? The manufacturer delivers sturdy steel frame, and also materials likeheat-resistantaluminum, moisture-resistantMDF board, and there is aPVC bag, which makes it one ofthe best BBQ grill tables. Therefore, Giantex BBQ Table is durable, superior strength, and offers long-lasting stability. The tabletop’s weight capacity is 46 lbs. and the side table’s is22 lbs.,where you can keep required utensils.
  • In addition to that, the Giantex table comes with a folding design, which makes it aspace saving and portable table to you. The best thing is that it just requires less than one-minute assembling and dissembling. The two shelves comprise a zippered bag, which saves your food from animals and bugs. It also has removablesteel windscreen that protects the food in multiple kinds of weather. These all are combined together to deliver big storage space that is ideal for storing condiments and supplies.
  • Furthermore, the overall weight of this BBQ grill table is 21 lbs. that are easy to carry and eliminate the need for a stationary table at any camping, tailgating, and backyard. Therefore, you can carry it in your bag and enjoy the BBQ in aconvenient way anywhere you want. It is extremely easy to operate and use. The feet have covered with rubber that provides more stability to the table. Additionally, you can use it in all weather without losing its durability, stability, and structure. Expect these all, you will enjoy happy grilling as well as enjoy a good healthy and active lifestyle.

BBQ Grill Table #4:

  • Cuisinart designed adual flip up sided and foldable table that is ideal for entertaining. You can use this foldable design table anywhere to grill your food, which decreases the need for a stationary table. It equipped with an aluminum stand, which makes it lightweight and portable. The table’s flat fold design is perfect for storage and traveling. It is compact in its size that allows you to store it in the closet, cabinet, and anywhere you want.
  • Additionally, both side shelves have room for condiments, spices, drinks, and hooks for hanging utensils or tools. There are six drink holders, which keep bottles and cups from falling and tipping. This one ofbest BBQ grill tables has eight hooks. The best thing is that there is no special tool required for its assembling and you can unfold it in seconds. The manufacturer uses heavy-duty material to construct itscarrying strap, which makes it easy to move and carry anywhere according to your requirements.
  • Cuisinart manufactured a more versatile grill table that is perfect to use in tiny homes, small balconies, tailgating, picnic, and RVs. After secure positioning, the lower shelf of the table can hold more than 35 lbs. weight. If you want to enhance the functionality of your grill table then you can purchase other essential tools as well from Cuisinart. These include a grilling tool set, grill gloves, magnetic spice set, tabletop tote cover, and much more. You can enjoy your picnic with your friends and family while eating a healthy and full of nutrient food.

BBQ Grill Table #5:

  • Weber is one of the best brands that present amore durable BBQ grill table. The design of the table is very simple and perfect for campers and tailgaters. It has a 20.2 x 4.1 x 32.7inches dimension that is most suitable to use it in your picnic and party. The manufacturer uses premium quality material to construct a more durable and versatile table.
  • Moreover, a locking system has configured in the Weber charcoal table. This system locks the legs of the table to provide stability and keeps the grill secure from moving while using. It has a 16 pounds weight that makes it lightweight and portable. It comes with a compact design that allows you to keep it stored in storage places like a cabinet.
  • The Weber Portable Charcoal Table is compatible to use Weber portable grills. This is one ofthe best accessories to enjoy outdoor activities such as a picnic with your friends and family.


The winner of this roundup turns out to be the BBQ grill table from Keter. The legs of this table are adjustable and you can move this table around with ease. The table provides you with a large enough prep area too. It is an ideal option for you if you are a BBQ lover and do barbeques for your friends and families on regular basis. This table comes with a storage capacity of 40 gallons and there are plenty of hooks for you to hang your utensils as well. All in all, this table provides you with plenty of value for your investment.

Do you think grills tables are useful? Which one do you own? Have you tried any of the above options that we have listed? Have your say! We’ll love to hear your side of the story.

And what will be the best BBQ grill table in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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