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Why Tailgaters Love George Foreman GP200GM

George Foreman GP200GM Portable Gas Grill

Those who love a good barbecue know how crucial it is to get the right grill. The right rack helps in enhancing the taste along with taking it anywhere if it’s portable. It can save energy and benefits in a more comfortable experience of grilling when on the run. One such great grill is the George Foreman GP200GM Portable Propane Grill. This grill is portable and even comes in a few colors to make it much more attractive and useful.

Features of the George Foreman Portable Grill

The George Foreman GP200GM Portable Propane Grill packed with features to make your grilling experience better. One of the best characteristics of this grill is that you can take it with you on your tailgating trip and enjoy compact storage and easy transportation options. The grill uses propane gas as its energy source. It can start on the push of a button, and about 1 lb. of propane tank will accommodate you for up to 4 hours of constant cooking.

The main grilling plate is reversible to cook burgers on one end and eggs on the other. The skillet is nonstick which makes it more durable and enhances a better lifestyle. It also helps in easy cleaning without having to scrub the surface. The space on the grilling plate is enough to serve up to 12 people so that you can make new friends and enjoy with more people on your tailgating trip. The grill comes in about three different colors for added style. Users will find it much easy to clean as the grill is dishwasher safe too.

Biggest attractions of the George Foreman Portable Grill

The George Foreman GP200GM Portable Propane Grill has excellent features as mentioned above. However, the real question is; what are the most attractive features that will make you want to buy this particular grill? The answer to that lies in the grill as a whole. It is stylish and comfortable to carry with a strap and foldable which makes the portability high of the product.

The grill has about 200 square inches of surface to cook on and that on a reversible griddle plate which makes it much more efficient and allows you to have a merrier time with more people. Users will also enjoy the various temperature options in this grill enabling them to cook the perfect food every time. The start of the fire can be on the push of a button only, and about 1 lb. works for four hours straight.

Another great feature that will help make the deal here is the simple title and lock dial which allows the cook to adjust the angle according to their needs and preferences.

The three-year warranty by the company wraps things up and makes this grill one of the most loved and admired grills. The features make it a great deal for users to enjoy grilling at camping, tailgating, or even at home.

Check out this video about the gas grill

George Foreman GP200GM Portable Gas Grill



  • The grill can be folded and stored easily; the strap helps in increasing its portability further
  • The griddle is a nonstick reversible plate which is dishwasher proof and easy to clean
  • There is a temperature adjusting knob for the perfect heat to reach the food every time
  • The grill is powered on propane and can run four hours on only one pound of the tank. The ignition is on the push of a button


  • The grill is just for tabletop as it has no legs to stand upon
  • There is no side plate for resting food or any utensils space on this grill


The George Foreman GP200GM Portable Propane Grill is an excellent option for people that love to go tailgating with their family and loved ones. The portability makes it great for people to carry around without a problem and even store it after efficiently cleaning the grill. Overall, the grill offer style and great features and is a must for your next camping trip.

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